Facebook Messenger: How to delete all conversations at once

Facebook Messenger is a great way to communicate with your family and friends. Unfortunately, it lacks a few handy features, such as being able to erase all of your conversations at once. Fortunately, there is a trick, going through a Google Chrome extension on PC / Mac.

Facebook's services are always very practical, but as soon as you want to delete a lot of content at once, surprisingly the social network seems to do everything possible to make it difficult for you. So on Facebook Messenger, it is extremely easy to delete a conversation. But if you have, like me, several hundred and you want to clear the space, you will be left with an operation as long as it is laborious - you will have to delete each message one by one. The situation has been the same for years, and in the meantime Facebook has never lifted even a finger to improve things. We imagine, for example, that setting up an interface that allows you to check several messages or even all the messages at the same time and thus be able to carry out the same action such as deleting all or part of your conversations would not be very complicated.

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There is of course an alternative, as simple as it is effective: delete your Messenger account. Fortunately, thanks to your PC / Mac and a small Chrome extension, deleting all your messages is really easy!

How to erase all your messages on Facebook Messenger

For it :

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC / Mac
  • Click here to add the extension Fast Delete All Messages
  • Click on the logo of Fast Delete All Messages in the section of the browser window that groups the active extensions (top right)
  • Click on Step 1. OPEN MESSENGER
  • Click on Step 2. REMOVE ALL MESSAGES to delete all your conversations
  • Your messages are then irretrievably deleted from your account.

Warning: this operation only deletes the messages on your Facebook account. Copies of some conversations may still exist on your recipients' devices.

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