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I recently got a new phone but after a few days I noticed the iMessage app was not working properly. Basically the messages are gone and people can't send me messages. Why? What to do when iMessage is not receiving messages?

If you find yourself reading these lines, most likely you too have some problems with iMessage and are unable to receive messages. Below we will address the problem in detail and offer the best solutions.

  • Part 1: Why are not receiving messages on iPhone
  • Part 2: How to fix iMessage message receiving problem
  • Part 3: Other solutions to the problem

Part 1: Why are not receiving messages on iPhone

It is very annoying to find that you cannot receive iMessages. Unfortunately, the problem is very common and could be due to:

  1. I cell phone data do not work properly: they may be disabled for some apps or disabled in general
  2. software problem: probably other apps running in the background have crashed (among them iMessages)
  3. Problem related to network settings: custom settings, including network, may be incorrect.
  4. Problems with the telephone company: In this case, you have not updated the carrier settings on the iPhone.

If you are wondering “why is my iPhone not receiving iMessage”, don't panic and read the solutions below.

Part 2: How to fix iMessage message receiving problem

Here is the best way to fix the problem without data loss. ReiBoot is the most reliable iPhone repair tool to fix the most common iPhone problems. Here are some things the software can do: fix iMessage not receiving on new iPhone, unlock iPhone when it doesn't work, exit Recovery Mode, etc ...

Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB and once detected by Reiboot click on the "Repair Operating System". The following screen will open:

Follow all the prompts to fix your iOS device and everything should work as before when it's done.

Part 3: Other solutions to the problem

# 1. Forced restart iPhone

This is the simplest solution you want to try. Turn the iPhone off and on again if you are unable to receive imessages on iPhone. Worth trying.

Step 1: Press and hold, and then release the Volume Up button.
Step 2: Press and hold and release the Volume Down button.
Step 3: Finally, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds.

#2. Turn Airplane mode on and off

Sometimes the problem is caused by a lack of signal transmission. Then try turning airplane mode on and off to reactivate the signal and then try to receive iMessage.

a) Go to Settings on the main screen.
b) Find "Airplane mode" and activate it, a few minutes later, turn it off to check if you can receive iMessages.

# 3. Check if the iPhone number is blocked

How to know if the number is blocked? Here's what you can do:

Go to Settings> Phone.
Sign up to find "Blocked Contacts" and tap to view the list.

# 4. Free up more space to receive iMessages

If the cause of the problem is running out of storage space then you need to delete the messages that are taking up space on your iPhone. You can delete them one by one or just an entire conversation or delete all messages on iPhone. Or you can manage your storage by going to Settings> General> Storage> Manage Storage. Also delete unnecessary apps.

# 5. Update manager data

If you have a new iPhone that is not receiving imessages then we recommend that you take a look at your carrier settings. This is usually because your iPhone has not been set up to receive SMS.

a) Make sure you have activated cellular data or have good Wi-Fi nearby.
b) Go to the main screen and tap Settings> General> About.

# 6. Reconnect the SIM

Your iPhone not receiving iMessages could also be the result of a faulty SIM card. In this case it is worth checking whether the network bar is displayed or not. You can also borrow a friend or relative's SIM card and insert it into your iPhone. If the newly inserted SIM card works, it is very likely that the SIM card is defective or out of order.

# 7. Reset network settings

The last thing you can do is reset the network settings. To do this:

a) Go to your iPhone settings.
b) Tap "General" and scroll down until you see "Reset".
c) Then tap “Reset Network Settings”.

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