What are the advantages of the Cdiscount at will program?

The Cdiscount at will program is available for 29 euros per year or 2,42 euros per month. It is the company's response to Amazon's Prime offer.

For that price, this service offers several services:

  • The main thing is obviously the free delivery, from 25 euros of purchase for delivery on the same day or on D + 1 or 10 euros of purchase for the standard or the withdrawal point.
  • Access to reserved promotional offers as well as a pooling system for certain third-party partners.
  • Unlimited access to several online press titles on Cafeyn.
  • Six months Spotify subscription offered.
  • Finally, it is possible to share these advantages with two other people who also have a Cdiscount account.

In view of the average delivery costs, this type of service generally pays for itself in two or three orders and it also allows savings to be made thanks to direct access to numerous offers and promo codes.

While it does not offer the richness of an Amazon Prime, the Cdiscount at will program pays for itself quickly, especially if you share the cost with several.

Discover the all-you-can-eat Cdiscount service

One of its main competitors is the Amazon Prime service which also offers several benefits in the form of an annual subscription.

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