Netflix, Amazon, OCS ... more and more Spaniards are subscribing to SVoD subscriptions

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36% of the Spanish population now have a subscription that allows them to watch VoD content. They were only 20% three years ago, proof of the rapid spread of this digital need.

Arcep, the General Council for the Economy, Industry, Energy and Technologies (CGE) and the Digital Agency recently published their annual barometer aimed at measuring the diffusion of information technologies and communication in Spain. The institutions devoted one of the parts of the barometer to the subscription of the Spanish to an SVoD subscription. The latter grew by 11% in one year, a strong growth.

A serious boost in subscriptions in one year

While they had only experienced growth of 5% between 2016 and 2018, SVoD subscriptions benefited from a serious boost in one year, since the share of Spaniards subscribing to a video service at the demand jumped 11 points and now stands at 36%, or nearly 4 in 10 Spaniards.

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How to explain this significant increase in just twelve months? The multiplication of offers, the rise in speeds, the transversality of services to which it is increasingly easy to access, the last seasons of Game of Thrones and Orange is the new black? These elements can be just as many answers, but the numbers give them little credit. For example, the perception of the Internet connection to watch different content has only increased by 3 points in one year, as has that of multi-equipment (+ 1%).

In reality, we are simply witnessing a democratization of the service to various segments of the population, in particular those under 40, who increasingly feel the need to have on hand a parallel content solution or to replace television, which struggles to renew itself and is not favored by young people.

12-40 year olds crazy about subscription video services

As the results of the survey conducted by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (CREDOC) show, the growth of SVoD subscriptions in Spain is linked more to an “age” effect, rather than to an “age” effect. '' socio-economic 'factors.

In the space of a year, there is a 22% increase in subscribers among 18-24 year olds, who are 66% to have an SVoD subscription. Then follow the 12-17 year olds (+15 points in one year, 53% subscribers) and the 25-39 year olds (+14 points, 51% subscribers). The curve is obviously very different for the older public, although there is also a growth in subscriptions among seniors.

As with the other elements of the digital barometer, which you can find in our "Read also" section, the larger the household, the higher the subscription rate. Only 16% of people who live alone have a subscription. It then climbs to 31% for a two-person household, then to 40% for three people, and to 55% for four people, a record.

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Regarding data related to income, the gap is not that huge between low income (32% subscribers), lower and upper middle classes (35 and 37%) and high income (42%). Finally, if we look at the level of diploma, the survey shows that holders of a BAC or higher education (42% for both) are those who turn the most to platforms.

Proportion of the population that has a subscription that allows you to watch unlimited VOD, series or movies (Netflix, OCS Go, Zive, CanalPlay, Amazon) by age, household size, educational level and income level

And you, dear readers? Did you give in to the sirens of SVoD? Do you have one or more subscriptions or are you considering doing so? Tell us everything :)

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