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The vast majority of those who own an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) know iTunes and uses it almost regularly to synchronize their devices with their computer. But an alternative to iTunes is increasingly in demand. "Synchronize"Basically means transferring data from the PC / Mac to the device: photos, videos, audio files, etc ...

Thanks to synchronization you can have it on your own iPhone or iPad or iPod, the files we want.

However, the use of iTunes for this "delicate" content update operation is not the best in terms of usability and security. In fact, iTunes is a very heavy program to start and then it must be said that a small error, one too many synchronization could overwrite and permanently delete the files on our iOS device.

Another "limit" of iTunes is that it does not allow you to transfer files (any type of file) from the device to the computer (PC or Mac) in order to always have a safety backup.

Per tutti questi motivi sopra citati, noi di iphonexpertise vogliamo proporre una ottima alternative to iTunes that is called TunesGOTunesGO is a program available in both Windows and Mac versions and was created to be used instead of iTunes to synchronize your iPhone or iPad or iPod with your PC / Mac, in a simpler, safer and more effective way.

TunesGO - iTunes Alternative
How to use iTunes to Sync iPhone / iPad / iPod

TunesGO - The Best iTunes Alternative

Main features and functionalities of TunesGO:

> Transfer files (photos, sms, videos, music, contacts, notes, voice memos, calendar, etc.) from iPhone / iPad / iPod to your computer for backup purposes
> It allows you to perform "SELECTIVE" synchronization of files (and not like iTunes which always synchronizes EVERYTHING and therefore often creates the deletion of files that are important to us)
> Allows you to transfer movies from PC / Mac to iOS device even if it is in an incompatible format (conversion takes place automatically during the transfer!)
> It can synchronize your iPhone contacts with Outlook, Gmail, Windows Mail and other email clients with just one click!
> Synchronize data between iPhone and iPhone, between iPad and iPhone, between iPad and iPod, etc. in order to transfer data from one device to another in a few seconds and simply by connecting the devices to the computer (as if they were memory sticks USB).
> Has the functionality of removing duplicate contacts from the address book
> Export music, photos and videos to computer or iTunes

These mentioned above are just some of the functions of TunesGO and that make it not only a valid one iTunes alternative, but also something more powerful and effective to use!

What are you waiting for? Access the Tunes page and download the free demo version now! Software link:

Link to download the FREE DEMO version of TunesGO for Windows or Mac:


After installation you simply need to connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch to your computer (via USB) and TunesGO will automatically detect the device. You will see an interface like the one pictured below:

Now you can manage your iPhone / iPad data directly from your computer, without iTunes, in a simple and intuitive way. You don't even need to read a program manual because it's really trivial to use. Just access the function or category of data to manage and you can proceed with the operations you want.

With this ITUNES ALTERNATIVE you will no longer have problems backing up data, transferring files from device to computer (or vice versa), removing or adding files, managing contacts, and so on.

Also by accessing the section TOOLBOX you will find interesting and innovative functions (which iTunes absolutely does not have) with which to exploit even more the capabilities of your iPhone / iPad.

How to use iTunes to Sync iPhone / iPad / iPod

iTunes is Apple's official app designed not only to help users sync, backup and restore their iOS device data, but also to be able to purchase media and install applications. Below we will see how iTunes is used to sync iPhone to computer. It works the same if you have an iPad or iPod Touch.

The first time you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes opens and you can set up and run your first automatic synchronization. This article will look at these initial steps and explain the manual synchronization.

If you haven't already downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer, go to Apple's website to download it. iTunes is available in both Mac and Windows versions. Click the link Get iTunes for Windows o Get iTunes for Macintosh (although it's highly unlikely that you have a Mac without iTunes), so click Download now. The download starts automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions to install iTunes on your computer.

To start syncing your iPhone with computer here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable, using a port on the computer or hub (unless you have a powered hub).

iTunes should open automatically. If iTunes doesn't open, open it manually.

Step 2. If this is your first time connecting an iPhone to iTunes, you will probably have to choose Set up as a new iPhone.

Step 3. Click on Start on the next screen. The iPhone summary window will appear.

Step 4. Select your iPhone from the device drop-down menu at the top right of the window. If iTunes does not recognize the iPhone, make sure that the USB connector cable is firmly inserted into the ports of the iPhone and the computer and that the iPhone is turned on. If iTunes still doesn't “detect” your iPhone, choose iTunes → Preferences on a Mac or Edit → Preferences on Windows. Click on the icon devices at the top of the window that opens. Uncheck the box next to Prevent iPod, iPhone and iPad from syncing automatically. Click OK to activate the new setting.

Step 5. Choose one of the following options in the section Backup:

    • iCloud: Select this option to use iCloud as the backup destination.

    • This computer: Select this option if you want to keep your iPhone backup on your computer. You have a secondary choice of Encrypt iPhone Backup. Type a password in the dialog box that appears. When you restore a backup to your iPhone, you will be asked to enter the password.

Step 6. Select one of the following options in the section options:

    • Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected: Automatically launch iTunes and start syncing when you connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable. If this box is not checked, the synchronization will be performed manually by clicking the button Synchronize in the lower right corner.

      If the Prevent iPod, iPhone, and iPad from syncing automatically option in the Devices pane of iTunes preferences (iTunes → Preferences on a Mac; Edit → Preferences on a PC) is selected, this option will be greyed out and unavailable.

    • Sync with this iPhone via Wi-Fi: Your iPhone syncs with iTunes once a day when both your computer and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and iTunes is open on your computer. Apple recommends plugging your iPhone into a power source. While it is possible to sync without power, this procedure drains the battery significantly.

    • Sync only selected songs and videos: Only the songs and videos that you manually select are synced. If you sync a playlist that contains unselected songs and sync the playlist, unselected songs are not included in the sync. This means going through your iTunes library and manually selecting or deselecting all the songs and videos that you have stored on your computer.

    • Prefer standard definition video: Standard definition videos take up less memory than high definition videos, so you may prefer to sync SD videos to your iPhone.

    • Convert higher bit rate songs to 128/192/256 kbps files: iTunes automatically creates “lighter” audio files so you can put more music on your iPhone.

    • Manually manage music and videos: Select this option if you want to click and drag music and videos from iTunes to your iPhone. If you want to limit the music or videos stored on your iPhone, this might be a good option.

    • Reset alerts: Click this button if you've asked iTunes in the past to stop displaying purchase and download alerts, but want to see them again.

    • Configure accessibility: Click this button to activate the various Universal Access features, such as VoiceOver and Speak Auto Text.

  • In my opinion TunesGO is the best iTunes alternative for the following reasons:
    1. It is updated regularly (almost every month) to always fully support the latest iPhone / iPad models and the latest iOS versions
    2. Detect iPhone automatically and quickly
    3. Allows you to transfer data from iPhone to PC / Mac and vice versa from PC / Mac to iPhone (which is not always possible with iTunes)
    4. Synchronize iOS devices without “overwriting” and erasing existing data
    5. It has extra features that are not in iTunes
    6. Local data backup and restore is faster than iTunes
    7. Among other iTunes alternatives, this one from TunesGO is the best for the quality / price ratio
    8. Besides managing the iPhone / iPad, it allows full management of the iTunes library
    9. Valid alternative to iTunes also for MAC OS X
    10. Also ideal for managing iPod Touch from PC and Mac

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