iPhone Won't Connect to App Store? | iphonexpertise - Official Site

iPhone Won't Connect to App Store? | iphonexpertise - Official Site

We have received several emails from users with questions like:

"I can no longer connect to the App Store... I also tried to log out and back from the account both from the desktop and from the iPhone, but the problem persists "

"After updating my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.1 I can no longer access the Game Center of the app store ... I have tried everything but nothing to do ...."

Tip # 1

1.1 Go from your iPhone to Settings> iTunes & App Store

1.2 Sign out of your account and your Apple ID on the App Store.

1.3 Log back into the App Store by re-entering your Apple ID. This method may solve the problem.

Tip # 2

Turn off your iPhone's Wi-Fi connection by clicking on Settings> General> Cellular. Then try again to connect to the App Store or iTunes Store.

Tip # 3

Activate the “Set Time Automatically” feature on your iPhone by going to Settings> General> Date & Time. Then try to reconnect to the App Store again.

Tip # 4

4.1 Go to "Preferences" in iTunes from your computer.

4.2 Uncheck the “Allow access to iTunes U” option from the Parenal Control panel.

4.3 Exit iTunes, and restart it and then reactivate the “Allow access to iTunes U” option again.

Tip # 5

Connectivity to the App Store may have something to do with your internet connection. If the iPhone cannot connect to the iTunes Store, try restarting the router to change the IP of your internet connection.

Tip # 6

If you have a recent backup you can try resetting your iPhone to fix the problem. To do this, click the power button and the home button for 10 seconds and then release the power button to put the iPhone into recovery mode. Finally connect the iPhone to the computer and use iTunes to restore it.

Alternatively you can try putting the iPhone into DFU mode

Tip # 7

In some cases the problem "Unable to connect to the App Store" has been solved with a simple iOS update of the iPhone. To do this, just go to Settings> General> Software Update and proceed with the update.

Tip # 8

The Windows system firewall is designed to protect your computer but may also prevent you from connecting to the iTunes Store. So you should try to temporarily disable your PC's firewall and try to connect to the iTunes Store again.


Impossible to connect to the app store… I started to restore it following the suggestions listed here but with no result. What else can I do ”?

  • Good day, I have a problem I can't access the store in Wi-Fi, with the data connection of the device everything is ok, but with Wi-Fi there is no way. The problem is both on the iPhone and on the iPad. Tried to turn off the devices, the modem is made updates.

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  • I have been trying for 3 days but nothing to do

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  • Hi, I have tried almost all the options but to no avail; what to do?

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  • thanks for the tips

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