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In this article we want to talk about the problem of touch screen iPhone which in many cases stops working properly especially after doing an iOS update. If you are also in the same situation then below you will find several tips and possible solutions to the problem, also because it is certainly a "software" problem that can be solved either manually or through external programs.

If, on the other hand, the Touch Screen of your iPhone does not work because it is broken or has had a not insignificant bump, then most likely you will have to change the display, but first you can try to recover data from the iPhone with a broken LCD.

Returning instead to the problem of the touch screen not working after an update, here are what "tricks" you might notice:

  • Touch screen does not work while receiving calls
  • Touch Screen does not work when I touch or touch the iPhone screen

How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Solution # 1: Forced Reboot

This is perhaps the most trivial solution but it could certainly work. Here's how to force restart your iPhone:

  1. Press the power button for a few seconds
  2. Drag your finger down on the screen to turn off the device
  3. Wait for the iPhone to restart again

Solution # 2: Check 3D Touch setting

If simply restarting did not solve the problem then you have to look for the solution further inside. However, before concluding that the problem is the software update made, it is advisable to check the setting on the 3D Touch sensitivity of the iPhone. Here's what to do:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to General> Accessibility
  3. Scroll down and tap the “3D Touch” option.
  4. Here you can activate / deactivate the option and also adjust the touch sensitivity as you wish

Solution # 3: Check 3D Touch setting

If the previous two tips did not work then it is almost certain that the cause of the problem is in the software update. In this case, most people immediately think about resetting the iPhone to factory settings, which also means suffering significant data loss if you don't have a recent backup.

Few people know, however, that thanks to the dr.fone program for iOS and its “iOS Repair” function, it is possible to repair the operating system of the iphone without going to delete all the data. Its operation is really trivial and you can find a detailed guide here: How to Repair iPhone Firmware

Once your iPhone software repair is done, you will notice that the touch screen will resume working as usual.

NB: The repair of the device takes place by reinstalling the latest iOS update available for that iPhone model again.

Solution # 4: Restore iPhone via iTunes

This is the "drastic" solution that restores the iPhone to factory conditions, erasing all the data on it. Here are the simple steps to follow

First make sure you have the latest version of itunes on your PC

    1. Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB
    2. From iTunes go to the Device tab> General> This Computer> Click on “Back Up Now”.
    3. Then click on 'Restore iPhone.'

Wait for the reset to complete and then restart your iPhone to see if the touch screen works again.


Hello everyone, but sorry if the touch screen does not work, the mobile phone CANNOT be turned off, nor entered the start PIN code, therefore, at the moment with the touch screen that does not work I CANNOT do anything EVEN TURN IT OFF ... because to turn it off you have to slide the toggle to off AND THIS THE TOUCH SC. NN ALLOWS IT .... IT DOESN'T WORK !!! You can restart but which of you DOES NOT HAVE THE PIN to access ???? so no TS, no PIN, no phone
What can I do??? I have an old TS and I can try to see if by changing this I can reuse my cell i.phone 6
LET ME KNOW but I see it HARD !!!!
Thanks 1000

  • hi I have in the iPhone 5s the battery has run out and when I turn it on the touch does not work anymore they have replaced the display twice, it worked one day then again I could not unlock it again they told me it could be the motherboard they told me that costs 130 euros possible?

    • Hi you have to re-set iPhone from off in DFU mode. On the web you will find how to do it.
      Let them know if you have solved 🙂

  • An IPHONE disappointment !!!! suddenly, perfectly working phone, the Touch ID window appears "Touch ID cannot be activated on this iPhone"
    No more iPhone change on Android !!!

  • Hi everyone, I replaced the screen of my iphone 6 but the full touch no longer works, I kindly ask you if you have info if the motherboard could be broken since it fell into the water, waiting for your kind reply thank you . Michele

  • Ciao a tutti
    I can't find the 3D Touch function… was it already eliminated with 12.4?

    • The 3d Touch was introduced from the 6S onwards, the 6 does not have it.

  • Hi, I answer everyone, because most of you have the same problem. Your phone is to be thrown away, and I'll explain why: the transition to iOS 11, in the first release installed a function that makes a chip inside the phone overheat, to the point of ruining it. This chip is the one that manages the touch in the mobile phone. The problem occurs from iPhones 6 and below. The only solution is to replace that chip, but it's a professional job. Many believe that Apple did it on purpose to renew the iPhone fleet of customers. There have been several class-actions about it in America. I tell you this because I went to the bottom of the matter a year ago.
    Good day

    • Thanks Cristiano, I would also like to go to the bottom of the question, do you have any links to recommend?

  • my problem is that touch no longer works after being dropped and i can't turn it off

    • Luigi could you tell me the sequence you followed to get to the delay of the touch? Thanks.

  • Missing a piece ... the fault of the TAGs

    I solved the problem of the crazy TOUCH by setting a delay in the TOUCH (accessibility) of the minimum possible of 0,1 sec

  • They told me that the crazy TOUCH is due to damage from liquids ... in fact my Iphone took a lot of water "rain" but the problem occurred 13 months later ... bho! <__>

    I have not solved the anomaly when the screen is on but the IPHONE thinks it is off> _

  • Called, planned obsolescence goodbye Apple

  • My iPhone 5s doesn't work and when I reboot either, I brought it in for service and they said it can't be done anymore nnt, Apple let me down

  • hi.after the last update made my iPhone 6 gives the numbers.the folders are opened by themselves the touch does not work for a few minutes then it restarts but in the messages it writes itself then it turns off and restarts ... it starts the calls by itself and it never crashed. I tried to redo an update but nothing. I did a back up but nothing. what can I do?

  • 👍🏻


  • after last update the phone freezes the touch does not work. if I turn off the screen and turn it back on it starts to work. i'm seriously thinking about throwing it and switching to android. ios 11 crap

    • The same thing happens to me with iPhone 5s after updating to iOS 11

  • hi.after the last update made my iphone5s gives the numbers.the folders open by themselves the touch does not work for a few minutes then it restarts but in the messages it writes itself then it turns off and restarts ... it starts the calls by itself and it never crashed. I tried to redo an update but nothing. I did a back up but nothing. what can I do?

    • How did you solve?

  • Since the beginning of January, too, I have many problems with my 6Plus, the wheel next to the 4g continues to spin, the screen is as if it had gone crazy, sometimes I can't enter the App, other times I can't answer calls ...
    I made a backup and then restored but the problems remained.
    What can I do???

  • From 1 January 2018 my touch freezes after I type a maximum of 4-5 words. At the Apple center they told me to restore the phone via iTunes but the problem keeps recurring.

  • I am very pissed off I phone 6 after updating and during the month every day at the service center I do not work 2 letters and the exclamation pinto in the keyboard. Sure, I solved the problem of crazy touch, video calls and calls made but I say it's a coincidence should I keep it like this? I did everything above and changed the screen. Twice. I am very disappointed Apple told me that I have NOTHING

    • how did you act to solve the crazy touch? Thanks in advance! I do not know what to do

      • personally I went to the settings / general / accessibility and I put a delay in the touch, the minimum is 0,1 sec

      • Hello
        The space key does not work. Cancel resend
        What should I do helpoo

      • hello my iphone 4s does not work the touch scren and the voice over activated and I can not unlock it

  • the home button started giving me problems if I click it goes and doesn't work after a while the touch doesn't work anymore I did the tricks I also reset the cell but it doesn't go as soon as I configure the touch it says error ... and it doesn't read it to me

  • After update 11 my tousc iPhone 6 plas no longer works the system does not let me load it says there is a problem

    • I have an iphone 6 plus but I can't unlock it anymore…. I'm desperate how can I do nothing goes anymore

    • How did you solve?

    • can I tell you something? for the I-Phone it is an unheard-of "sòla", it costs more, the accessories are all more expensive than the others and all in all it is not worth a damn. very disappointed, return to Samsung or the Chinese. then the whole apple is like a sect, they feel all of them

      • Hi Fabio, I answer you as an iphone user for years and I immediately state that I am not a fanatic of anything because it would not make sense. In a smartphone I am not just looking for a phone but a complete tool to do everything I need for work, leisure and utility (satellite navigation, photography, etc.).
        I have a 6s Plus since 2015 and have never had the need to switch devices in all this time. I paid € 999 for it and they were all well spent because I used it for everything and a lot, without ever having given up on anything.
        It has been a complete and valid TOOL up to now. Like all technological devices, components have a life that also has an end when used a lot. For this reason on this phone a few months ago I replaced the battery (taken on Aliexpress. Cost about 20 €) internal camera and vibracall (it would be the component that allows the vibration) have failed after having suffered some falls in 5 years of use. It seems understandable to me, don't you think? However, for these the cost was around € 15 in total on Aliexpress.
        Making a very simple count Up to now the phone has cost me about € 16,65 per month and has worked very well for 60 months allowing me to work (and therefore make me earn), play, inform me, keep in touch with friends and relatives.
        43800 hours of activity without ever dying! I will have turned it off a maximum of 30 times!
        Soon I will change my phone only to use the new technologies that have come out on the market in recent years and at this point I will again take an iphone whose cost is high, but it can be largely amortized over time. The 6s Plus will remain my backup phone.
        I say this because if we have to choose by doing the accounts in our pockets (as well as merely considering the aesthetic side) as I did, Apple remains one of the best choices ever.
        Oh, just one last thing: family and friends with smartphones of other brands in these 5 years have changed at least 2 and on average the performance of the components have never been on a par with my iphone. Of course, iphone isn't the only great smartphone out there. My choice is also dictated by personal tastes. But it is an objective fact that Apple products are not a "sòla" as you defined them.
        I hope this testimony will be useful to you.

      • I fully agree I also bought iPhone 6 Plus refurbished never had any problems

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