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Has your iPhone fallen heavily to the floor, ladder, or bumped into other hard objects? All this happens to many users every day. If the iPhone breaks down as a result of this fall or impact (e.g. it has broken screen) but it is still in a condition to turn on then you are lucky because you will be able to repair it and recover all the data (eg by making a backup).

If the failure is significant then it is better not to try your hand at being a technician and you have to contact an Apple center that will tell you what to do to repair your broken iPhone. Below, however, we see how to recover data from broken iPhone (eg iPhone with dead screen) but still showing signs of life by turning on ...

NB: If by any chance your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode or keeps restarting or stuck on the screen with Apple logo or iTunes logo and usb cable, then try to repair the operating system (firmware) of the iPhone

In these unpleasant cases, the first thing to do is a backup some data. In fact, if you then decide to bring the iPhone to assistance, a recovery of it will lead to the cancellation of all stored data (contacts, sms, whatsapp messages, photos, videos, etc. ..). If the iPhone is restored you will never be able to get the data back on it if you don't have an iTunes or iCloud backup.
If your iPhone is broken but you can still use iTunes / iCloud for backup, then it's worth doing it immediately.

What if you can't use iTunes or iCloud to back up your broken iPhone, or just don't want to use one of them? In these cases you need to use a third party tool like Dr.Fone for iOS, which allows you to directly capture the contents of the broken iPhone and selectively choose the data to be saved.

Here are the links to download the free demo version of dr.fone for iOS:

Main screen:

All you need to do are the following 3 steps:

Step 1. Connect the broken iPhone to the computer via USB cable and run the program.
Step 2. Enter the function BACKUP & RESTORE and back up the iPhone after choosing the data to save

Step 3. Wait for the backup process to finish

Alternatively, you can also select the "RECOVERY”From the initial screen of the program and then start the scan to see all the data on the iPhone and that you can save on your computer to keep them safe.

What to do if the iPhone is completely broken and won't turn on?

Unfortunately, if the iPhone is completely destroyed, it is necessary to understand if it is worth repairing it or if it is more convenient to buy a new one. In these cases you can also decide to have it "recycled" by Apple or sell it to some local repair shop to recover some money. Then you can buy another iPhone or another mobile, new or used, but without forgetting the data you have saved in the iTunes or iCloud backup. In fact, it is still possible to restore them on your new mobile phone, when you have it in your hands.

How to restore the data? Since Apple does not allow you to extract data from iTunes and iCloud backups, and therefore not even preview them, we recommend using a third-party tool for this "extraction". The software Dr.Fone for iOS is a great tool that extracts data from iTunes or iCloud backup and then allows you to transfer it to your new mobile.
Download the free trial version from the buttons below (for Windows or Mac):


Solution 1. How to recover iPhone data from iTunes backup

Step 1. Choose the backup to extract the data from

Launch the dr.fone program on your computer. Access the DATA RECOVERY function and then from the left choose the "Recovery from iTunes Backup". At this point you will see all the existing backup files on your computer. Choose one of these from which to extract the data (photos, sms, contacts, whatsapp, videos, apps, etc ...). After selecting it, click on the “Start Scan” button and the program will start scanning and extracting the backup files.

Step 2. Preview and recover data from backup

When the scan finishes (it only takes a few seconds) you will be able to preview all the backed up data one by one, such as photos, messages, contacts, notes, call logs, and more. During the preview you can select any element and save it on your computer by clicking on "Recover".

Solution 2. How to recover iPhone data from iCloud backup

Step 1. Download and extract iCloud backup

Switch to "Recovery from iCloud Backup”At the top of the main program window. Log into your iCloud account by entering your Apple ID and password. Once this is done, you will see all the backup files present in your iCloud. Choose one and download it by clicking.

Step 2. Preview and recover data from iCloud backup

The download and extraction process will take some time. Wait and relax for a moment. Once finished you will be able to view all the data of the iCloud backup file such as photos, contacts, messages, calendars and more. You will then be able to selectively recover the data that is useful to you.


hello, my iphone 7 has a full memory and since I turned it off it doesn't turn on again, it stays on the screen in the apple. I tried rebooting with volume and power but it doesn't work. I absolutely have to recover the data… Please help me

  • Greetings. My iPhone 6s used to give me charging problems because it didn't last long, now it doesn't charge me anymore. I wanted to save the data before sending it to Apple. The last backup on the phone was on October 21st. I'd like to do it again before I send it there. Can I do it on both the phone and whatsapp even when the phone is turned off? Thank you very much for any reply

    • Unfortunately, the data cannot be backed up when the phone is switched off

  • Hi, iPhone 6s that did not give hints of life. I went through the data recovery procedure and it asked me to update the firmware ensuring there would be no data loss. I followed the instructions and the phone recovered. Unfortunately, however, it does not see my data and if I start iTunes it asks me to restore it again.
    What could have happened?

    • Most likely the data had been erased before the iPhone was no longer showing signs of life.
      The important thing is that it works now. Try to see if there are any icloud or itunes backups that you can recover data from, even if they are not recent.

  • hi, I have an iphone 5s for 2 years now, after 3 months of inactivity I put it back in charge and after 48 it did not give any signals to turn on. Since I intend to get a new phone (always Apple) how do I pass the contacts (the most important thing) on ​​the sim or in any case pass them on the new phone?

    • If it does not turn on at all, unfortunately it is not possible to copy and pass the data ...

  • Hi, the screen of my iPhone 6 broke after a fall but what is worse is that the screen is totally unusable. Maybe the phone is on but still completely black. I downloaded the program and did iPhone data recovery from iCloud backup.
    You may now be explaining clearly to me how I can bring all this data to the new mobile.
    I remember again that the old one is completely unusable.
    Infinitely thank you

  • Hi, my iphone keeps restarting and the white apple screen appears but it can't turn on. They told me to try to restart it via itunes by connecting it to a pc but I don't have a recent backup and therefore risk losing all data. It is still under warranty but even taking it to an apple store I would lose all the photos. By downloading this program, is it possible to recover data directly from the phone and not from icloud or itunes where I don't have the most recent ones? Thank you

    • the program goes to repair the operating system. Use the demo version to understand if the device is recognized by the program and if it is possible to do the repair.

  • I have my iphone 6s plus that doesn't turn on anymore because it went half a second under the water; how do i backup it ?? I do not want to lose all the photos .. helpooo

    • Read this article:

  • hello, my i hair dryer has turned off and won't turn on anymore.
    by pressing the 2 home and power buttons for 30 seconds, the cable with the apple appears.
    how can i recover data? i never made a backup. can i do anything?

  • I used the program <I downloaded all the data I need to a folder how can I transfer this folder to my Iphone6 ​​?????
    the problem is that itunes does not make me do the back .. because it tells me either damaged or unsuitable restored device ::: I used the program I saw that there is everything that interests me downloaded on the pc but now not I know how to take it to the cel can you give me a hand?

    • In reality for many data, when you do the recovery, in addition to the "recover to PC" button there is also a "Recover to Device" button that allows you to bring those data (eg photos, contacts ...) directly to the iPhone

  • Hello,
    my iphone 5c is completely destroyed. How do I recover the photos?
    I tried to go to my ICloud account (before I always saw the photos on iCloud from a normal pc), but entering it tells me that he sent me a security code on the iphone device that is no longer there .. so I can't log in .. what can I do?
    grace in advance

  • but with the trial version you can not recover anything? Do I have to buy the full version of the software? thanks Andrea

    • with the trial version you can only see the data ... to save them you need a license.

  • Unfortunately my iPhone 5S has a broken screen and therefore it is not possible for me to press anything that approves a data transfer to any PC ... I have tried anything by looking on many sites, but I can not ... someone is able to help me?

  • once the data has been downloaded, how can I put it on a new iPhone?

    • In the program there is also the function that allows you to make a backup of the data and then restore them on a new iphone.

  • Mine turns on but the LCD screen no longer works

  • Hi, I have an iPhone 4s with a black screen, despite it being functional (receiving calls). How can I recover data from my mobile? I have already tried to synchronize with iTunes on the PC, the phone is recognized but it asks me to unlock it by typing the access code on the screen. Is there a system that downloads my data without asking for the access code? Thanks

    • Try with dr.fone

  • if the screen is broken it does not recover anything because it asks to unlock "trust."

    • If it appears "trust" it means that the iphone has never been connected to the computer. You need to use a PC to which the iPhone has already been connected and verified in the past in order to access the memory and recover data.

  • hello my iphone and completely destroyed it turns on but does not show me anything on the screen, I downloaded the program but it asks me to do some steps that the cell needs ;;; unfortunately I can not do it when I can see nothing on the screen

  • Hi I would like to recover photos from an iPhone that I washed in the washing machine thanks in advance

    • If the iPhone no longer turns on, it is no longer possible to recover data from it ...

  • my iphone 6 fell into a puddle for a second and a half two i turned it off i dried it the next day i turned it back on it worked for two days then it stopped turning on i went to a center and they told me i will lose everything !!!!! I curse Apple and all those who put a lot of bullshit in this phone instead of the only important thing even for a normal person who works and does not live only on computers and does not lose their data and numbers.

    • sorry eh. but if you work on it with your iPhone, it should have been your concern to back up your data ... is it possible that iCloud hasn't saved you anything? the same thing happened to me and after putting the sim in another iphone and doing the data recovery from backup, the new iphone has reconfigured itself exactly as before, the apps, settings, contacts ... the only thing that is not I managed to recover only the photos, but I'm trying with alternative programs like this ... try the backup anyway!

  • I used the program, but being my iphone ios8 or ios9 it does not allow me to access any backup (I state that my iPhone does not turn on anymore). Maybe there is a version of the program that allows it or is there another program with which I can do it? Thanks in advance

  • I also have a broken screen and it asks me to press TRUST but unfortunately it is not possible .. is there any other way or should I take it to an apple center?

  • Sorry I have a different problem how do I use the iphone 4 that the joke is black despite it is working please help me thank you !!!!

    • try taking a look at this article:

  • Hello ,
    I tried to use the program but it also asks me to press trust which I can not do because the screen is broken and it takes no more touch commands ... I had already used this computer to make the various backups but it asks me for authorization anyway. is there no other way to recover data ???

  • .. sorry but if you ask to press "TRUST" .. OR UNLOCK THE PHONE .. with the screen broken how do I do? ..

    • If you are using the iPhone on a computer already used before (and already verified by the iPhone), that message to click on "trust" should not appear and then you can proceed directly to the recovery of the data. In your case, unfortunately, there is little to do if the LCD screen does not show signs of life ...

  • My iphone is completely broken and does not turn on, thanks to this software I can recover the data, but then I can also reset the phone afterwards?
    ps: Thank you very much, you saved me! Fantastic!

    • You solved?

    • hello sorry because I have the phone that does not turn on and I can not use the program?

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