How to easily backup photos to iPhone?

    Backing up photos in iOS 10 can be done in different ways: from conventional iTunes to iCloud backup to connecting the phone to the PC.

    Regarding iCloud, just click Settings / iCloud then click on "Photos". You can then activate "iCloud Photo Library". Your photos will then be saved in the Apple cloud as long as there is enough space available to house your entire collection. Note the choice between "Download and keep the originals" which will send all your photos to the Cloud while keeping the originals on the iPhone when the "Optimize iPhone storage" option will delete certain photos locally for keep them only in the cloud.

    How to easily backup photos to iPhone?

    Connecting the iPhone to the PC via USB will cause an item named "Julien's iPhone" to appear in the Windows workstation. Double-click on it and then double-click on “Internal Storage”. You will be able to navigate in the tree structure of the photos and recover them by simple copy / paste. Please note that you must first authorize the connection to the PC on the iPhone.

    How to easily backup photos to iPhone?

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