How to backup iPhone data in just a few clicks?

The data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod is precious. iOS 10 allows you to save them like the previous versions of the OS. There are several modi operandi for this.

The classic method

The historical backup consists in connecting the iPhone to a computer equipped with iTunes then to launch a synchronization by clicking on the button “Synchronize”. Not only will your latest songs purchased from iTunes be copied to iPhone, the data from the phone will also be copied to the computer for later restore to the same iPhone or another iPhone.

If in doubt, a click on your iPhone from iTunes then on "Backup now" allows you to start a manual backup. iTunes allows you to manage backups and devices: to do this, go to the Edit / Preferences menu under "Devices".

The synchronization of your data concerns all types of media on your computer. The backup is working well for your messages in particular. Note that for some time, synchronization can be done wirelessly: just click "Synchronize with this iPhone over Wi-Fi" in iTunes.

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ICloud backup

Your phone can be saved in the Cloud, on the iCloud home service. To do this :

  • Go to Settings, iCloud then select “Backup” and activate “iCloud Backup”.
  • Pressing "Back up now" will start the backup.

ICloud backup involves several things. First, you will be limited by the size of your iCloud space: 5 GB free, beyond that you will have to pay. Your iPhone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Finally, the iPhone must be connected to the mains to be backed up to iCloud.

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