Facebook removes the “like” button in Pages

Facebook is starting today to remove the “like” button from an unspecified number of pages. The latter benefit from a new design with their dedicated newsfeed, FAQs and other novelties which aim to strengthen their interest for companies.

Facebook removes the “like” button in Pages

Say goodbye to the “Like” in any case on the Facebook Pages. The social network announces a series of changes concerning the Pages, with in the first place, from today, the removal of the “Like” button. A shame, you will tell us: the “Like” is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic aspects of the social network.

But the measure makes sense, because the Like does not only have defenders. Above all, Facebook wants to keep professionals on board, revisiting the pages' interest for them and their customers. The idea is to make these pages a real platform that propels business communications to new horizons. Quite the opposite of what they can be now - quite frankly a nightmare, especially for brands in crisis.

Facebook turns the Like Page and hopes to attract more companies

Removing these “Likes” should allow us to focus on the follow-up (followers) of the Pages, and on the relevant content that they can offer them.. The Pages will also now be able to act as “legal persons” and monitor other accounts. In addition to this, Facebook announces several new features.

For example, Pages will now have their own News Feed where brands can mix their news with those from the accounts they follow. Comments made by one Page on another or following a customer's reaction will automatically be placed at the top.

Pages may also show an FAQ section to avoid having to repeatedly answer the same questions from their followers. Finally, the Pages will acquire new management tools. Administrators will be able to define more precise roles and choose exactly the features to which their collaborators have access.

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Last but not least, Facebook reinforces the detection of hateful or inappropriate content. As well as the issuance of “Verified” status for users who request it. These changes are applied from today on a limited number of pages, before a larger rollout in the coming months.

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