Facebook Live: what is it and how does it work?

Facebook live is Periscope's competitor, these are live video services that allow you to broadcast live videos, but also to directly receive people's reactions. But not everyone really knows what it is and how it works, so we offer you a tutorial to find out all about it!

Facebook Live: what is it and how does it work?

The great novelty of the moment is the fact of being able to broadcast live videos and to have people's reactions live. It is getting more and more popular and everyone is getting into it. The first was Twitter with Periscope, then we had Facebook with Facebook Live, and more recently YouTube announced its service last Friday.

Here we will talk more specifically about Facebook Live, we will see together what it is, but also how it works.

What is Facebook Live?

As said above Facebook Live is a live video service on the social network. It allows you from your Facebook account to broadcast live video, so you better have a good connection. But the most interesting thing about this service is to have people's reactions live.

Indeed during the broadcast we see the comments that arrive as we go, but also the smileys reactions that Facebook has set up recently. This service is in most cases used by famous people or by sites like ours, because it allows to be closer to his community and share an event live with the latter.

It can also be useful for everyone, for example during a wedding if a person could not come we can share the event live with them. That's the strength of instant service, see what happens live and not later on a video, even if the Facebook live is visible afterwards like a normal video. Now that you all know about this service let's see how it works.

How does Facebook Live work?

First of all you need a Facebook account of course, then you have to use the application, because the service does not work on a computer or on the mobile web version. Then you have several ways to start a Facebook live, the easiest is:

  • Go to “express yourself”
  • There, click on “broadcast live"
Facebook Live: what is it and how does it work?
  • Give a name to your live broadcast then start the live
Facebook Live: what is it and how does it work?

That's it, it's that simple, once the live starts you will be able to add filters like on Instagram and soon filters like Snapchat to turn you into a Panda for example. Once finished, the video will be visible on your News Feed and people can continue to view and comment on it.

But like all the novelties, it has its drifts, we notably saw these three young people who filmed their part of legs in the air, but the service also allows to share wonderful moments like this giggle of a mother of a family . So it's up to you to use the service well and with this tutorial you will have no risk of unhappily spreading the birth of your wife!

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