Create repair disc on Windows 7

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  • Use the system recovery disc
  • Use the Windows installation disc
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Create a repair disc

Windows 7 includes a tool that allows you to create a repair disc, just as the Windows Vista installation DVD allowed. An improvement therefore, since you can therefore have this one without having a boxed version, delivered with its installation DVD.

Necessary material :

  • A CD to burn the system repair tool

Access the tool allowing the creation of the repair disc

Done :
Start> Control Panel> Backup and Restore> Create System Repair Disc

Burn repair disc

Insert your CD into the drive.

Select your burner if you have more than one and click on Create disc.

There it's finished !

Use the system recovery disc

  • Insert the System Repair Disc into your computer's drive.
  • Restart your computer using the computer's power button.
  • If prompted, press any key to start the computer from the system repair disc.
  • If your computer is not configured to boot from a CD, DVD or USB key ..., consult the documentation supplied with the computer. You may need to change your computer's BIOS / UEFI settings.
  • To boot from the recovery disk, you will need:
    • Either go to the boot menu (select boot device), by pressing the key indicated on the screen when you start your computer. Example on a Toshiba computer

    • Either configure the bios by going to the boot menu. Example of Bios in picture:

Note: Remember to confirm the startup changes:

  • Select your system and press enter to go to the next step.

Note: Pressing the Tab key during this step will launch the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

  • Wait for the loading time then select your language settingsAnd click Following.

  • At this stage two choices are offered,
    • The first allows you to launch tools to repair your system as shown in the next step

    • The second choice is to directly use a disk image created with Windows (but by checking the first option you will also have the choice of using a disk image!)
  • Then click Following.
  • If you checked the first option during the previous choice you will arrive at this menu:
    • Startup Repair
    • Restore the system
    • System Image Recovery
    • Windows memory diagnostics
    • Command prompt

  • If you selected to recover the system image in the previous step (or even from the menu of the previous image), you will come to this screen:

If the system image is on an external media not connected you will have the following message:

Use the Windows installation disc

  • If you cannot create a repair disc and you have the Windows 7 installation CD, you can start with the repair option by booting from the original Windows CD.
  • So we can start with the repair options without having created a repair disc (especially since in some cases the creation of repair CDs does not work, it is quite recurrent on the forum.).

On video

(Thanks to hephaistos59300)

Other links

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