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Create a logoA logo, or logotype, is a unique design, which represents a company, an association, an institution ... It says who the company is, its values, its market. It is made up of two types of elements: graphic and linguistic.

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The right questions to ask yourself

What does my company (or my association ...) do? In which sector ? For which target? What values ​​does it convey?

Once the answers to your questions have been obtained, you have to find a way to convey them in a drawing:

  • Which colors to choose? (the symbolism of colors)
  • What dominant forms? (roundness, graphic ...)
  • Which font (s) to choose?


The logo must be available in color as well as in black and white. It must be able to be used on all types of media (letterhead, business card, website, etc.). Finally, it must be simple, straightforward, without a double meaning

Mistakes to avoid

  • make a "trendy" logo that will age badly
  • use too many colors

To create a logo you can use many logo creation software such as:

  • AAA Logo
  • The logo creator
  • Logo design Studio
  • Ease logo
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