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WhatsApp it is increasingly used by Android users in recent years. After just a few months, a lot of WhatsApp messages accumulate on your Android device and many of these messages are important and losing them would be a big problem. If you are switching to a new Android phone and want to transfer old WhatsApp messages to this, you just have to follow the detailed guide described below which explains how transfer WhatsApp messages from old to new Android.

Guide 1. Manually Transfer Whatsapp Chat from old to new Android

Step 1. Back up messaggi WhatsApp Android

Launch WhatsApp on your old Android. Then, you will see the interface pictured below. Click the "options”Next to the Home screen. Then click on the popup "Settings". Then, you will be asked to click on "Settings Chat”After choosing the Settings. After that, choose "Back Up Chats”To start the backup process.

Please note: For some operating systems, the button appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Transfer WhatsApp chats to new Android

Download WhatsApp on your new Android and launch it. Then, find out if the WhatsApp / Database folder is stored on the micro SD card or in the internal memory.

1. If the folder is stored on the micro card, remove the micro SD card and insert it into the new Android. Download WhatsApp on your Android and then, when the program asks if you want to restore the backup from the old Android, click on "Restore".

2. If the folder is stored in internal memory, you need to transfer the backup chats to your computer and then transfer them to /sdcard/WhatsApp/Database on the new Android which contains the latest backup. Find the file "msgstore-XX.db.crypt”On your old phone and copy the file to your computer. After downloading WhatsApp on your new Android phone, the folder "WhatsApp / Databases”Will be generated automatically. You can also add a new folder "Databases"In the folder"WhatsApp". Finally, connect the new Android mobile to the PC to copy the backup file to it.

Step 3. Restore WhatsApp chats to new Android

After all the process, you can restore WhatsApp messages from old Android to new one. Simply click on the "Restore". Done! Your chats will now be visible on your new Android phone as shown in the figure below.


Guide 2. Quickly Transfer Whatsapp Chat from old to new Android

If the above procedure is too "cumbersome" for you, then we recommend using a program capable of transferring chats practically directly from phone to phone. Here are the steps to follow:

1 Phase. Download and install WhatsApp Transfer on your computer and connect both Android phones via USB to the computer. On Android devices, make sure USB Debug mode is enabled. Once the old Android is recognized by the program, click on the device screen on "Backup my data"To proceed.

From the program then click OK and at this point you will start seeing all the whatsapp messages on both the old and the new Android.

2 Phase. On the left of the program, under "Devices”, choose the “source” Android phone from which you want to transfer Whatsapp chats. Then click on the icon "Transfer Messages to another Android"

3 Phase. Select the target Android phone (the new one) to which you want to copy the messages and click on CONFIRM per I will proceed.


So if the new phone has a new card, you can't transfer WhatsApp right?

  • Yes, you can always transfer whatsapp, even if the new mobile has a new SIM.

Copy Whatsapp Messages from Android to Android -

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