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Dr.Fone for iOS it is certainly the most popular program in the field of data recovery from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). In the latest version, new and interesting features have been introduced such as the ability to do SELECTIVE backup and restore of the iPhone. By selective we mean the ability to choose the data to save and avoid making a full and heavy backup of all files and data on the iOS device. In reality, this type of backup can also be done with other tools, such as TunesGO, a valid alternative to iTunes (read also: how to backup iPhone on PC and Mac)

Unlike TunesGO, however, Dr.Fone allows you to backup multiple data such as Whatsapp, Calendar, Notes, etc ... in short, it allows you to backup and restore any type of file.

To get started download and install the free demo version of dr.fone for iOS for PC or Mac:


Step 1. Collega l鈥檌Phone al computer

Install and launch dr.fone on your computer. From the initial screen, access the function Data Backup & Restore.

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer. The device will be immediately detected by the program.

Step 2. Selection and dati da salvare

The next screen will look like the one shown below: you simply have to decide which data to save in the backup. Once selected (eg. Messages, Contacts, Calls, Notes, Calendar, Safari Favorites, Whatsapp, Photos, Voice Memos, etc ...) click at the bottom on Backup

Wait a few minutes until a window appears notifying you of the end of the process.

Step 3. Export or Restore Backup

Once the backup is done you can do two things:
> Click on Export to PC to save the backup on your computer
> Click on Reset to device to restore any data deleted and found by the program.

Step 4. Restore from Backup File 

If you have created a backup with dr.fone, you can use it to restore it to your device at any time (on the same or even on another iPhone / iPad ...). To do this, on the home screen you simply need to click on the link "To see previous backups >>鈥滱nd at this point the various saved backups appear and can be restored on your iPhone

I tried to connect the disabled tel to the computer but it doesn't give me anything. I had previously connected the device to the computer

  • If itunes detects it, you can back up your data. Even with dr.fone it's possible.

  • if you don't have your phone code it's useless

    • Well sure, otherwise anyone could extract data from a phone not really.
      However, if you have forgotten your code but have already used and authorized that phone on that computer, the program will still be able to access the phone's memory.

  • Very useful article! Thanks

  • but to me it tells me to enter the password from the phone but it is disabled

    • me too, how did you solve it?

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