YouTube: "Send to TV" feature arrives on PS3

The YouTube app on Playstation 3 has just received its first update of the year. The latter includes the function to play a video from your smartphone or tablet on your TV.

Since Wednesday, owners of a PS3 can use their smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS to "push" a YouTube video on their television. Several requirements are necessary, however: the mobile terminal must have the YouTube application, and the PS3 must also be connected to the service via its app. Finally, the terminal must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the console.

From there, the user just has to click on the icon to send the video watched on the television for the PS3 to manage the transition. This feature allows more interactivity and offers a user the possibility of easily sharing his findings with those around him, the process being able to be participatory.

YouTube specifies that it has also optimized the application's buffer memory, allowing videos to launch faster and have smoother playback. Something to satisfy the owners of PS3 who view the videos of the service through it.

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