YouTube Music: the Wear OS app is no longer just for Wear OS 3 watches

Google Play Music will finally have a successor under Wear OS with the YouTube Music app which will soon be available. Good news, after the latest Samsung watches, this app is also coming to older models.

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While a new Spotify application offering offline listening is rolling out under Wear OS, we learn that Google has finally decided to publish an app for its YouTube Music service on its operating system for connected watches. Excellent news knowing that Google stopped its Play Music service on Wear OS in 2020.

However, this new YouTube Music application for Wear OS will only be available for the new connected watches from Samsung running Wear OS 3, whose marketing is imminent. As a reminder, these are the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Not very practical limits

Only the happy owners of its watches subscribed to YouTube Premium will therefore be able to enjoy YouTube Music directly on the wrist, with the possibility of downloading songs for offline listening. They will thus be able to listen to music even without a smartphone nearby, simply with a Bluetooth headset or earphones. Ideal for those who, for example, would like to be able to indulge in sports activities without having to carry around their smartphone.

According to 9to5Google, the application in question will undoubtedly deserve adjustments and new features quickly. In fact, for the moment, it would be impossible to play streaming music from the app and downloads could only be done when the watch is connected to the mains. Limitations that do not need to be in 2021.

So we just have to hope for two things: that this application is quickly updated to improve the user experience and that it becomes compatible with a much larger number of devices. Fingers crossed!

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