Wombo AI, this perfect app to rickroll your friends

At the end of February, the world was in awe of Deep Nostalgia, an application that brings photos to life thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. A few weeks later, the principle is taken up again by adding a new dimension: music.

Wombo, that is the name of this lip-sync application allowing you to transform a photo into a short video and thus see your face (or that of a personality, let's face it, it's often funnier) come back to heart popular music. We can mention among other music Dragostea Din Tei of O-Zone, I Will Survive, Thriller, the Ding Dong Song of Ghunter, What is love and of course the unmistakable Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

It's beautiful the AI ​​anyway ... pic.twitter.com/h5IblkMeJk

— Manu? (@Nobunagashi) March 11, 2021

The result is clearly mediocre compared to some deep fakes seen recently, the background had every interest in being united under penalty of being strongly distorted, but the video thus obtained will allow you to Rickroller friends who are a little too curious who would launch it to know what he says there.

However, don't expect to be able to add your own music to the equation: the list is fixed. And for good reason, the artificial intelligence algorithm was trained with people singing these specific songs. Their movements and their facial expressions have been recorded and are reported more or less faithfully on our photos for our greatest amusement.


Download Wombo Free APK

The Wombo app is available on iOS and Android, but also on the web.

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