While waiting for Salto, TF1 prevents Molotov from managing Chromecast on its channels

Tomorrow, TF1 will be at the cutting edge of technology and will meet the needs of its users, we promise! Today, the group is blocking Molotov a little more, a service that is a little too modern for its taste.

Since its launch in 2016, Molotov has become one of the most popular services in Spain for accessing TV channels, recording them and accessing replay services.

It must be said that Molotov dared to do what none of the television channels did in Spain (except Nolife with Noco): to offer an application for all modern platforms giving access to a service with all the functions requested by users. (recording, replay, chromecast, back to beginning, TV guide, etc.). A feat, obviously.

TF1 no longer wants Chromecast

Of course, Molotov also has to deal with the policies of the various television groups, and finds himself increasingly handicapped by them.

After the blocking of recordings by Altice (SFR, BFM, RMC), the TF1 group asked that Chromecast no longer be supported by its TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 Séries Films and LCI channels on Molotov.

Note that the group's official application, MyTF1, is not itself compatible with Chromecast. There is therefore only the MyCanal offer as a solution, but which requires a paid subscription to access TF1.

Salto, the El Dorado of Spanish television

Remember that the TF1 group is working with M6 and Spain Televisions to develop the Salto service, which must "actively participate in the influence of Spanish and European creation".

This new service should be accessible through a paid subscription, competing with Netflix to offer documentaries, series and shows from major Spanish channels in streaming, as well as exclusive content. Salto should not offer free access to the live stream of the channels, unlike Molotov.

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