Where to buy the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro at the best price in 2021?

The new Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are the new flagships of the Mountain View firm. Want to get one of the two, but don't know where to find them for the best possible price? Follow the guide to find the best deals of the moment.

The Google Pixel 6 Pro (left) and Pixel 6 (right) //

Remember, for the Pixel 5 launch last year, Google was offering a Bose QuietComfort QC 35 II headphones for any pre-order of their smartphone. But for its new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the brand has aimed even higher by making an even better gift for those who fell in love before the official release of the flagships, by offering a Bose Headphones 700 this time. Obviously, the pre-order offers have now ended and it is now possible to buy one of the two smartphones.

Where to buy the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro?

As of now, the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are available at the respective prices of 649 euros and 899 euros.

Where to buy the
Google Pixel 6 at the best price?
  • RED by SFR 549 € Discover the offer
  • Fnac € 649 Discover the offer
  • SFR 649 € Discover the offer
  • Baker € 649 Discover the offer
  • Darty 649 € Discover the offer
  • Rakuten Marketplace 700 € Discover the offer
  • Amazon Marketplace 705 € Discover the offer
  • Fnac Marketplace € 759 Discover the offer
  • eBay Marketplace 796 € Discover the offer
See more offers Where to buy the
Google Pixel 6 Pro at the best price?
  • Amazon Marketplace € 1 Discover the offer
  • eBay Marketplace € 1 Discover the offer

Google Pixel 6: the right compromise

This year, the Mountain View firm is launching two premium smartphones and the Google Pixel 6 represents the right compromise for anyone who wants to take excellent photos for a budget of less than 700 euros. The latter is equipped with a dual camera with a 50-megapixel wide-angle sensor on one side and a 12-megapixel (114 °) ultra-wide-angle sensor on the other. This composition promises to do feats knowing Google's algorithms, especially since it will be aided by a laser autofocus sensor, a spectral flicker sensor and optical image stabilization. For selfies, there is an 8 megapixel sensor.

The design has also changed a lot compared to the Pixel 5 last year, evidenced by the huge strip crossing the back from left to right which houses the various photo sensors. Beyond the aesthetic, this will allow the Pixel 6 to be stable when placed on a table. The bubble in the screen is no longer in the left corner, but centered at the top. And speaking of the screen, it has grown compared to the previous model, this time reaching 6,4 inches to definitely ditch the compact aspect. Too bad, but the panel promises to be of good quality, since AMOLED in Full HD + at 90 Hz. The fingerprint sensor is housed just below.

Finally, it is especially at the level of performance that the new high-end smartphone from Google will stand out from the competition, since it has the particularity of integrating a brand new in-house processor: the Google Tensor. If we can not yet really judge its power, the brand promises to focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The chip should also speed up the photo experience, but also voice commands (Google Assistant), translation (Google Translate), etc. And compatibility with the 5G network is obviously part of it. As far as autonomy is concerned, the Pixel 6 expects more than a day of endurance at ease with its 4 mAh battery and a 614 W fast charge, taking the phone from 30 to 0% in 50 minutes.

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9 / 10

Google Pixel 6

Product sheet See the test Available at 549 €

Google Pixel 6 Pro: the behemoth

The second premium smartphone is therefore the Google Pixel 6 Pro, and not XL, because it is true that this change of name does not only increase the dimensions of the phone. So yes, the screen diagonal goes to 6,7 inches, but the panel promises an even stronger visual immersion with its curved edges, its QHD + definition and its refresh rate climbing to 120 Hz. The latter benefits from the LTPO technology to adapt the display frequency up to 10 Hz depending on usage, and therefore save battery.

For the photo, it goes even further than the classic version of the Pixel 6 by simply adding an additional sensor, namely a 48 megapixel telephoto lens which can display an optical zoom x4. Optical image stabilization is also part of this sensor. In addition, the selfie camera is upgraded to 11,1 megapixels and thus offer to shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second - which is quite rare for a front sensor. As you will have understood, versatility is essential with this Pro version.

However, the differences do not end there, since the Pixel 6 Pro offers 12 GB of RAM while the classic Pixel 6 only embeds 8 GB. The Google Tensor chip is still in the game and this gain in RAM should allow performance to be boosted while improving the fluidity of the experience. The battery capacity is also increased to 5 mAh in order to gain autonomy.

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9 / 10

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Product sheet See the test € 1

The first smartphones with Android 12

Whether it is the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro, they both come with the new version of the OS from Google in 2021, the aptly named Android 12. The latter offers an interface that gives pride of place to color changes. with Material You and which you seem to like a lot. Many other handy features are available.

Android 12: new features and smartphones compatible with the update

Android 12 is already available on some smartphones in beta or stable version. List of new features, compatible smartphones ... find everything you need to know about this new version of the Google OS.

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