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You bought a cheap price iPhone estero, eg. an American iPhone, but have you only now noticed that it is blocked on the foreign operator? Many of the foreign iPhones are in fact "Sim lockedThat is blocked and work only and exclusively with the SIM of the operator who sold the iPhone. For unlock a foreign or foreign iPhone there are several possibilities:

  1. You can try to contact the operator himself and ask for the unlock code (procedure, however, which takes time and does not always get an answer from the foreign provider)
  2. You can use a specialized "iPhone unlocking" service both in the case of iPhone locked on iCloud and iPhone with SIM locked by operator

In this article we want to focus on this second solution and report a safe and guaranteed service that can unlock foreign or foreign iPhone within a few days.

How to Unlock Foreign or Foreign iPhone

The service we recommend trying is called DoctorUnlock and it's really simple to use:

Step 1. Access this page of DoctorUnlock  and this screen will open:

Step 2. Click your iPhone model

Click on your iPhone model image (iPhone 12/11/X/8/7/6S/6/5S/5/4s/4/3GS) and a new page will open. In this new page you will have to enter the details of the iPhone to be unlocked.

The first thing to select is the network, or rather the operator on which the iPhone is locked. There are almost all operators from all over the world: USA, France, Spain, cities, Brazil, Portugal, England, etc ... and for each country the various telephone operators will appear (e.g. for the USA it will appear AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc ...).

The second detail to enter is the IMEI of your iPhone.

Step 3. Buy the service

After entering IMEI and selecting the operator you will need to click on the button at the bottom UNLOCK NOW. You will access a new page where you will need to enter your (valid) email address and then click on "Buy Now”To proceed with the payment by credit card.

As indicated on the site, once the payment has been made, you will have to wait a maximum of 2-3 days to receive instructions via email on how to proceed to unlock your foreign iPhone and be able to use it with any Italian SIM!

That's it!


Good evening,

I have an iphone 6s that does not recognize my Iliad SIM; which operator should I select since it is not listed?

  • Hi I bought an iPad Pro A1652 on American eBay, but as soon as I arrived I find iPad Pro with iCloud lock, I contacted the authorized seller to ask for the access data but they did not answer me what can I do to unlock it

  • i have an australian iphone se that also works in the city with australian sims, even from different operators, amaysim and voidafone but not with italian sims, is there anything to do?

  • Hi, I bought an iPhone X from the Dominican Republic. It has already been used in the city with another operator. I have initialized content and settings. When I inserted the tim card it tells me that the sim is not valid. I used the unblocked site and entered the TIM operator box (which would be my current company) in addition to the IMEI. Did I make the switch correctly or did I have to enter the operator with whom the phone was purchased? I'm waiting for them to answer me so I don't know if I made the right choice

  • Once all data has been entered, it asks me to enter the telephone number. If I put my Italian number it says invalid. The locked iphone is English

  • Hi !, the message "No Sim", indicates that it is blocked ?. The cell is English, first used by an Italian user. Now that I have to use it I have done a factory reset and I think I have locked it again. But the message is precisely No Sim, in your opinion the cell is blocked and therefore can I follow up with the service?

    • Yes, it would seem stuck on the network ...

  • Hi, my daughter is in the US and will have to stay there all year. It has an Iphone7 which, however, does not work with an American sim. they tell her she has to change phone.
    Is there anything I can do?

  • Hello, they gave me an iphone x branded tim, but the old owner didn't pay the installments and after a year they blocked it and can be unlocked with this procedure

    • In this case it is impossible to unlock it

  • Hello
    An Iphone X, from San Francisco CA, blocked by the operator because it is not paid, can it be unlocked in any way? Thanks

  • The Austrian operator was Orange, which was absorbed by 3, who should I contact? Is it worth the money to unlock an iPhone 4?

  • Hello, but buying an iPhone in America directly from an Apple Store, do I still need this procedure or can I get it without an American SIM? If I need it, how many days after purchase can I do it?

  • hi, it is possible to unlock an iphone 6, only the activate locked screen appears where it asks me to enter the account data which I do not have.

    • It is unlockable but only if it is not a stolen iPhone that has been blocked on the network and put in a "blacklist" ...

  • Hello, but buying an iPhone in America directly from an Apple Store, do I still need this procedure or can I get it without an American SIM? If I need it, how many days after purchase can I do it?

  • i also have an american iphone but it has already been unlocked by the operator in america but when i insert my italian card it gives me this message sim not valid the sim that currently have installed in this phone is from carrier that not suppotrted under the activation server. Do you assure me that doing what we wrote in the article will work?

    • If it had really been unlocked, that error shouldn't have appeared when inserting the SIM.
      With the service described in the article you should solve the problem considering that other users in possession of an American iphone have unlocked it (always if it is not stolen or blocked devices because they are not paid ...)

  • hi I have a Canadian iphon 6 plus but it doesn't work with Italian sims, I would like to unlock it but I don't know the Canadian operator on the phone is there a way ??

    • It is possible to use this service to find out the operator connected to the phone
      Just enter the IMEI. However, this service also has a cost

  • Greetings. They gave me an Iphone 6s from Mexico. Is it risky to unlock it?

  • They gave me an icloud locked iphone how do i unlock it?

    • It is not certain that you can unlock it, especially if it is an iphone that is stolen or locked by the owner.

      • Hi I bought an iphone 6s from california and it arrived with a card on total wireless international and my wind card does not work. Can I unlock it and how much does it cost me?

      • With the doctorunlock service you should have the unlock. Ask them directly for the total costs of the operation.

  • Hi they gave me an unlocked iphone 6 but I don't know with which company it was blocked how can I solve this thing?

    • Through this service (it costs a few euros) it is possible to trace the network on which the iPhone is blocked, simply by indicating the IMEI of the iPhone itself.

  • Hello, they gave me an iphone 4s in Sweden and I would like to use it in the city, after the IMEI code which phone company should I enter? the Swedish or the Italian one?
    Thank you very much

    • The operator on which the iPhone is “blocked” must be selected, so in your case the Swedish operator.

  • Hi, I have a foreign iPhone and to unlock it I made the payment to the site, but by mistake I sent a wrong number in the IMEI code. How is the unlock status active? That is which iPhone are they unlocking?
    Thanks in advance for your reply

    • Contact them immediately by email saying that you have given an incorrect IMEI .. You have probably given an IMEI code of an iPhone that has already been unlocked, which is why it is already "active"

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