TouchRetouch: the magic duplicating pad

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Finally, the ultimate functionality of retouching is the TouchRetouch application that offers it. What is it about ? Simply a select-delete and clone tool.

Home page, photo before then after

It's easy to implement: you open your photo and select the area to remove using the lasso or brush. An eraser allows you to correct the shot, while a magnifying glass appears in the unoccupied edge of the screen: the precision that we manage to have is astonishing.

The selection with the lasso is made precise thanks to the magnifying glass

All that remains is to click on the magic button and the annoying pixels are replaced by the surrounding background. Of course, for this to work well, you need a fairly homogeneous background ... But the success rate is still quite impressive! And to remove a pimple on a face, nothing like the duplicating pad. In short, TouchRetouch provides exactly what PhotoForge2 lacks. For 0,79 €, it's a must! And best of all, the application is in Spanish ...

For the stamp, we choose the source of the cloning, the size and softness of the brush and even the direction of the cloning!

  • Download TouchRetouch for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (iOS 3.1 or +)
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