All Anti-Covid: Stop Covid update available

All Anti-Covid: Stop Covid update available

The new version of StopCovid is for this Thursday afternoon. The new application, announced by Emmanuel Macron last week, gets a makeover and takes the name of All Anti-Covid (TAC). The official website of the application has just been launched.

New logo, new features, but somewhat the same operating principle, based on the use of Bluetooth to detect people with whom we have been in contact. What's new in this version? The answers are still relatively vague.

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Slight facelift for StopCovid

During his interview with Spain 2 and TF1 last week, President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged it: StopCovid “did not work”. The Spanish contact tracing app recorded just 2,5 million downloads in over four months and only allowed a few hundred reports in the territory. It is much less, for example, than that of our British neighbors.

So here comes a new application, announced during this same interview: Tous Anti-Covid (TAC), which should be available on the App Store and Google Play from the afternoon of this Thursday, October 22. An official site - which still links to StopCovid on app stores today - has just been uploaded.

On the form, TAC will use the three StopCovid buttons ("Protect", "Report me" and "Share", whose names could change) and the same button for activating Bluetooth on your smartphone. However, a new logo is planned.

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What substantive changes?

All Anti-Covid is visibly more like an update than a real new application and the technical overhaul promises to be slight. The updated source code for the app will be released on Thursday.

According to the information that has been disseminated, TAC will not resume the possibility of making an appointment for a PCR test directly from the application. However, it will display nearby laboratories (if you enter a postal code) and information on the local epidemic situation. This will be done via a "Resource Center" integrated into the application, says the Parisian. According to BFM, TAC will allow easier access to the exceptional travel certificate.

The application works on the same principle of Bluetooth and must be activated during exits to be effective. But, obviously, European interoperability is always put aside if a user goes abroad. Likewise, the idea of ​​scanning a QR code at the entrance of a restaurant or any enclosed place with TAC has been put aside for the moment.

Download All Anti-Covid

Sources: Le Parisien, BFM

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