The Best Free Themes for Windows 10 -

The Best Free Themes for Windows 10 -

A "theme" for Windows is basically a combination of background images, window colors and sounds., Which goes to personalize your desktop and all the windows that open. When you buy a new computer, one of the first things you tend to do is to choose the best theme to customize the system from a graphical point of view.

Gods already exist on every Windows PC free themes presets you can choose from. But if you want to step out of the screen and have something truly unique and original, below we propose the best free themes for windows 10 to download and enable on your new PC.

The Best Free Themes for Windows 10 to download


It is a very nice theme from a graphic point of view and that makes the windows colorful and more lively. The SILK theme can be downloaded from the following site:


The Vanilla theme is an overall simple theme but at the same time it makes the desktop clean, clear and uncluttered. It can be downloaded for free from the following site:


Very sophisticated theme with a very professional look. The Licorice theme (which means “Licorice”) has a weight of 37 MB and can be downloaded from here:

4. INE

Ine is another nice theme for Windows 10. Simple but concrete. It can be downloaded for free from the following link:

5. The Inspired Units

Inspired Units is a free theme for Windows 10 that can be downloaded from the link: With this theme your PC will completely change its appearance as can also be seen from the screenshot below.

6. Yosemite Black

From the name it is clear that it is a theme inspired by the Mac Yosemite operating system. It can be downloaded from the following link:

7. Numix

If you want to give an innovative touch to your PC, the Numix theme is the one for you. Download it for free from

8. OS X theme for Windows 10

Another theme that will transform Windows graphics into Mac graphics. It is the ideal theme for OS X lovers who also want to use a Windows PC. Free download from here:


How to change themes on Windows 10

Once you have downloaded the theme for Windows 10, here are the simple steps to follow to set it as the "default":

1. Right-click on the desktop then click on "Personalize"

2. Below you will see all the available and installable themes:

3. Select the desired theme and set it as “default” to display it on your desktop.

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The Best Free Themes for Windows 10 -

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