The best dating apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Which dating app to choose on Android or your iPhone? Singles looking for a relationship and a little love, this guide is for you. Here are the best dating apps to download and, no, it's not just Tinder and Meetic in life.

The best dating apps //

Dating sites - some would say dating - have been around for a long time. Over time, Internet users have logically turned to smartphone dating applications and there are a large number of them on the Android Play Store or the iPhone App Store. In this guide, we share with you our selection of the best services for making great online dating, whether it's finding love or simply meeting new people.

You necessarily think of Tinder or Meetic, but these are not the only ones that exist, far from it. We offer you here the best dating apps on Android and iOS. Perhaps love awaits you there (yes, you had to have a slightly blue-flowered sentence to talk about a romantic encounter).

Tinder: the essential available for free

We can't talk about online dating today without mentioning Tinder, which revolutionized the way this kind of service works and has undoubtedly become the preferred platform for modern singles looking for love. It was Tinder who introduced the principle of selecting your potential relationships by swiping profiles to the left or right.

A real fixture of the meeting, this is where you will certainly find the most people, although this is not always a good thing, because your profile will be drowned in an ocean of potential matches.


Download Tinder Free APK

Grindr: homosexual and bisexual encounters

Certainly as well known as Tinder, Grindr is its equivalent designed for gays. Easy to access, full of people, it suffers more or less from the same problems as Tinder, namely an overrepresentation of false profiles (partly settled on Tinder by verification) and a somewhat gargantuan choice "at will" which leaves that little room for atypical people.


Download Grindr Free APK

Adopt a guy: the Spanish favorite

Originally a site and now available as an application, Adopte un Mec is one of the first to have wanted to break the codes of dating. If men have to pay a subscription (9,99 euros for 7 days, 29,99 euros per month or 79,99 euros for 6 months), women have free and unlimited access to the platform. It is also up to them to choose since men can only send a "charm" to signify their interest, but will not have more possibilities at first. These ladies, on the other hand, can choose to send a message to profiles they like or just allow them to talk to them.

Charging only men to remove the most toxic elements and make the trade smoother for better overall quality, which made the site very popular.

AdoptA Guy

Download AdopteUnMec Free APK

Bumble: honor to the ladies

Bumble works on the same swipe principle as [insert name of any other application on this list here], but has some differences. In addition to the traditional "organic" used to describe yourself, you can answer a few questions to give more details about your size, your level of education, the type of relationship you are looking for, your opinion on children or even the dish that you would like to eat for the rest of your life.

But the basic principle of Bumble, as on AdopteUnMec, is above all that it is up to women to take the first step in heterosexual matches. Impossible for a man to initiate a discussion if Madame has not decided so.

Note also that you can also see the profile picture of people who liked you. It is certainly pixelated, but clear enough to recognize it immediately when crossing it again.

Bumble - New Encounters

Download Bumble - Meet New People Free APK

OKCupid: to know everything to match properly

You are not the type to stop on a simple photo and want to know as much as possible about your potential partner before you match? OKCupid not only lets you fill out a bio as long as you want, but will also ask you a huge number of questions. Apart from the traditional questions (height, sexual orientation, desired relationship, astrological sign, religion ...), you will also have several hundred questions (you do not have to answer all of them) on your political orientations, your sexual preferences, your ethics, your favorite type of meeting during the health crisis, etc.

On each profile consulted, you will then see a compatibility percentage appear which will allow you to know if the person in front is the one who corresponds to you the best. However, it should be noted that this is not the most populous dating application, but it is very popular with LGBTQIA +, alternative, polyamorous communities, etc.


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Fruitz: to avoid pips

More playful, Fruitz is particularly in vogue in 2021. It allows you to choose from 4 fruits, each of them representing a type of relationship: the cherry for long relationships, the watermelon for a relationship without feelings, the grape for just taking a drink or fishing for an evening with no tomorrow.


Download Fruitz Free APK

Happn: for that person crossed in the street

Have you ever passed someone on the street or on public transport that you would have liked to approach if that was decent behavior? Happn wants you to connect with people close to you who you may have met during your day. No more unpleasant surprises from accounts based in another country ...


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And the others…

There are many other applications such as the well-known Meetic for example, but also Once which focuses on quality rather than quantity with only one profile per day.


Download Meetic free APK


Download Once free APK

There are dozens of other dating apps, the community of which is more or less large and the audience sometimes very targeted. Do not hesitate to share your recommendations with us in the comments!

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