The best apps to manage your shopping lists

Forget the post-it, today using your smartphone is much more practical. Here is our selection of the best applications for managing a shopping list, and possibly sharing it.

L’application Bring //

Writing a shopping list makes it easy to save money by avoiding giving in to temptations while reducing the time spent strolling the shelves. However, it seems that time is money!

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On a more serious note, let's remember that, nowadays, the smartphone is the ideal companion to accomplish this task: it avoids wasting ink and paper, easily reusing lists and especially being able to share them. to complete them together. Here is our selection of the best apps to make your shopping lists. To be installed on Android or iOS.

Bring, the crush

The Bring application is quite simply the editorial staff's favorite! It goes a little further than the simple shopping list since it also allows you to learn about the offers of several brands such as Auchan, Franprix or Picard. It is also a good application for easily creating lists and sharing them with members of the household, or colleagues at work.

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Bring is also able to manage recurring lists, or directly offer cooking recipes, the ingredients of which can be easily added to the list. It is therefore a free and very complete application that Bring offers.


Download Bring! free APK

Listonic, the essential

The Listonic app gets to the point. We create lists and add products, either manually or from suggestions and the essentials are there: milk, bread, tomatoes, toilet paper, etc. When you start shopping, you just have to check each item added to the basket. It is also possible to indicate the price of each item to estimate a total.

Using an account is not mandatory, unless you plan to share your lists with other accounts. The app is free, but displays advertisements. It is possible to pay a subscription to remove them.

Shopping list - Listonic

Download Shopping List - Listonic Free APK

Google Keep and SimpleNote as alternatives

You might not want to have a completely dedicated shopping list app. In this case, the easiest way is still to use a note-taking application.

In this regard, Google Keep has been designed to easily replace the famous post-its to the point of using the famous yellow color. The service is therefore particularly suitable for compiling a shopping list. The service is available on mobile and on the web, and easily allows sharing with friends.

Google Keep

Download Google Keep Free APK

If you fancy managing a shopping list very easily, including a free, easy-to-use and fully open source app, then SimpleNote is for you. This application gets to the point, is available both on Android and iOS, but also on Windows, Linux and macOS.


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