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We bring you this complete guide to the best apps to get started with learning guitar. This guide is mainly designed for beginners, but experienced musicians might find it useful for their practice. We have selected four types of apps for you: to learn the basics, to tune, to find tablatures, and to accompany a metronome.

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When you start learning an instrument, you often don't know where to start. This is all the more true if you have chosen to set your sights on the guitar, since it is probably the instrument best provided with applications, advice sites and guides. So there is something to get lost at the beginning!

Fortunately, here you will find the best apps to install to get started. Some will even be useful to you once you are a confirmed Guitar Hero. Of course, we do not strive for completeness (that would take too long) and you might find other handy applications that we have not selected here. These are only the ones we recommend.

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If you think there is a crucial application missing in this selection, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments, specifying why it stands out and why you like it.

Apps for learning to play the guitar

That's it ! You are all set. Whether you've fallen for a beginner guitar or just picked up the one that was rotting in a friend's attic, all you have to do is get started. And for that, you have to find the application that will allow you to set foot in the stirrup. However, there are two schools. The first consists of learning some basic chords to be able to decipher the pieces, the second, more guided, will lead you to follow tutorials to learn step by step. Here is a selection of apps for these two solutions.

Guitar 3D – Basic Chords

Guitar 3D - Basic Chords

Download Guitar 3D - Basic Chords free APK

To learn chords, what could be better than seeing things done? This is what the Guitar 3D - Basic Chords application proposes to do. The idea is to have you learn basic guitar chords using a 3D representation of a guitarist playing them. You can zoom in, change view angles, and hear chords. Perfect when you do not have experienced guitarists at hand to know how the chord should sound.

Learn Guitar Chords

Learn Guitar Chords

Download Learn Guitar Chords Free APK

In the same vein, more basic, but also perhaps more readable, there is the application Learn Guitar Chords. This lists the basic chords and shows them to you in tablature, but on a fretboard to help you navigate. Enough to learn the main chords in no time.

Guitar and tablature lessons - MyMusicTeacher

Guitar and tablature lessons - MyMusicTeacher

Download Guitar Lessons & Tablature - MyMusicTeacher Free APK

If you are willing to pay, the Guitar Lessons & Tablature - MyMusicTeacher app may be a good solution. Using step-by-step routes, she provides lessons in HD video. It is possible to discover the basics of the guitar, but also to resume learning at a higher level. The subscription costs 19,90 euros per month. You can also buy content individually. The tablature is at 1,90 euros and a learning chapter at 4,90 euros.

Applications for tuning your guitar

You spent the evening learning your first chords and now negotiating your first song quite well. Only the next morning when you tried to play it again, something had changed. It didn't sound so good anymore. Very quickly, you realize that you have to tune in. What are the best apps for this?

Guitar tuner -GuitarTuna


Download GuitarTuna Free APK

Guitar Tuna is a bit of a benchmark for tuning apps. It undoubtedly owes its status to its ease of use, its clean interface and its nearly two million downloads. With the free version, you will be able to tune a guitar, but also a Ukulele, a 4 to 5 string bass and some other instruments. What to leave with peace of mind in rehearsal.

Instrument Tuner

Instrument Tuner

Download Instrument Tuner Free APK

Instrument Tuner has a slightly more arid interface, but it is the most precise tuning app available on the Play Store. Professional musicians with very keen ears use it themselves. In addition to fine tuning your instrument, you will be able to hear the frequency that your string is supposed to produce. A must-have.

Simple fingerboard

Simple fingerboard

Download Diapason simple free APK

For lovers of minimalist solutions, or for those who enjoy tuning their guitar by ear, there is also an app. Simple tuning fork reproduces a perfect “a”, recorded on a real tuning fork. Because nothing is better than a good ear.

Read guitar tabs

You know the basic chords, your guitar is tuned. You just need to learn as many songs as you want. To do this, we offer three applications for different uses.

Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

Download Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords Free APK

Songsterr does not have the most extensive repertoire, but the tablature application certainly offers one of the most precise. On group songs, you can choose to display the part of the instrument of your choice.

Ultimate Guitar : Chords & Tabs

Ultimate Guitar : Chords & Tabs

Download Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs Free APK

The Ultimate Guitar application is based on one of the most extensive databases - if not the most extensive - in terms of tablatures. You will find as many simple guitar parts note by note as there are songs with their lyrics accompanied by the appropriate chords. A left-handed option exists, as well as offline access. A paid subscription mode gives access to a number of advantages, such as better quality sheet music, with synchronized lyrics. There is also an integrated metronome, a tuner, a transposition tool, or a function to simplify songs deemed too difficult.

Guitar Songs

Guitar Songs

Download Guitar Songs Free APK

It is not the most extensive or accurate partition database, but it is hands down one of the most generous. When you launch it for the first time, Chansons Guitare lets you choose the languages ​​of the songs you are interested in. After a short download, you will have access to a host of tablatures. The advantage is that these are already downloaded, no need to connect to find them.

Metronome applications

Now all you have to do is repeat the songs you want to learn. And sometimes, the help of a very regular rhythm can be felt. This is why as a bonus, we offer you our choice of metronome application for beginners.

Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats

Download Metronome Beats Free APK

Metronome Beats is the most suitable metronome app if you are just starting out. It is both easy to use and still gives you a good level of control. You can also decide on which downbeat the rhythm will press, which helps to find your bearings, but also to adapt to several styles of music. The whole is based on an interface, admittedly a little simple, but sober and readable.

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