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In this post we will discuss one of the main problems that many users experience on iPhones (with iOS 9): the spotlight search does not work properly or does not produce results in iOS 9.
La Spotlight search is a useful feature that allows you to search anything within the iPhone, iPad, App Store, directly from the home screen and efficiently. With the update to iOS 9, Spotlight Search has gained new features and improvements. However, there is a serious bug reported by many users: the Spotlight search on iPhone does not work correctly and often contacts do not appear in the results as well.

Some users also report that Spotlight doesn't show any search results when trying to search for a file, contact, or whatever. If you are also experiencing this problem, here is how to solve the problem efficiently.

Tip 1: How to fix Spotlight problem if no search results appear

Since some users have reported that the problem can be solved with this method, we have decided to indicate the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search.
Step 2: Disable all entries you see.
Step 3: Restart the phone by pressing the Home and Power button, and sliding the button on the screen.
Step 4: Go back to the Spotlight settings and reactivate the switches of the various data (contacts, etc ...)

Now try again to do a search with Spotlight and most likely it will work again without problems. If the problem is still not solved take a look at the second tip below.

Tip 2: How to fix Spotlight search problem not working on iOS 9

Step 1: Go to Settings> General> Language & Region.
Phase 2: Your iPhone, go to your Lingua iPhone.

Step 3: Select your preferred language and click on “Done”.
Step 4: Click on “Switch to selected language”.

This could help solve the problem because Spotlight search only works with certain languages ​​as specified by Apple on its official website.

These just listed are the 2 methods most used by most people to fix Spotligh not working on iPhone. However, there appear to be instances where the problem remains unsolved. In that case you can also try send an email to your iOS device and then do a Spotlight search: it is not known why but in some cases it has returned to work again. All you have to do is then send yourself an email to any email account configured on your iOS 9 device, and once the new mail is detected by the iOS Mail app, Spotlight will magically work again.


the search does not work for me, since I installed the operating system update

  • Hello everyone, I am almost desperate, Spotlight and search no longer work for 3/4 days, every time I enter the HOME menu and enter a word or name of an app, no search comes out, I have also reset the my iphone X from itunes with backup but nothing, who helps me, please!

  • What is meant by best search result iphone 6s?

  • hello everyone, on version 10.1 and 10.2 you could have the same problem: the search for contacts and apps from spotlight does not work. if present, it might be useful to delete the google contacts: settings-mail-account-gmail account- remove the tick on contacts. I don't know if it works with other operators but with google it worked for me!

  • Thanks for the advice: I solved it !!

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