Snapchat: how to tell if someone has blocked you

There are ways to find out if someone has blocked you on Snapchat, we'll walk you through how. The social network is particularly popular. For some reason or another that is ultimately up to you, it can sometimes be helpful to know if a particular person is sulking you. We will describe here how to proceed to find out, let's go.

Snapchat: how to tell if someone has blocked you

Getting blocked by someone simply means that they surrender invisible on your radar. You will no longer see her appear in your contact list and it will obviously be impossible to contact her. We will see what are the methods to find out if a user of the social network with the little ghost blocks you. There are several approaches to Snapchat, the favorite network of young people, and the results are there.

Snapchat: how to know if a user of the social network is blocking you

The first method is very simple, just search by typing the username of the person you suspect is blocking you. If that doesn't work, then you are blocked by that person. In some cases, it happens that it still appears, the added icon is also present. However, impossible to do the manipulation, an error message appears. Easy as pie, just think about it. However, there is yet another method which is to check your Snapchat score.

Your various correspondents have what is called a “score”, which is the number of snaps that are sent and received. When you do a search to add a user, the moment you type their nickname and it appears, you can normally see that score displayed, except when a user blocks you. This information is not mentioned in this specific case. Finally, if you are indeed blocked, it will not be possible to see the person appear in your contact list, it will be for absent subscribers.

Snapchat will benefit from a new Android application, there is talk of a major overhaul. It is therefore possible that these various methods may not work in the future. The social network continues to improve over time, a new filter suggestion feature is also appearing on Snapchat. Artificial intelligence offering a new dimension to the application.

Snapchat: how to tell if someone has blocked you

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