Should we block mobile advertisements? Asus has made its choice

This is a first for mobile devices. While the Adblock Browser has only been available since September 2015, Asus has chosen to integrate the technology into its mobile web browser. This is what it is all about.

In recent weeks, ad blocker Adblock (and Adblock Plus) has been clearing up its monetization policy because, like any service provided for free, it was clear that the firm was looking to monetize its service. We then learned that he had set up a whitelist of “acceptable” advertisements (neither too intrusive nor carrying malware), which therefore fall through the cracks of his net. And that's not all: in search of partners likely to install its filter in their devices, Adblock Plus found a first customer: Asus.

Default activation

It's Motherboard, Vice's tech platform, that reveals the information. According to the Adblock team, with which it was able to speak, its ad blocking technology will be integrated into Asus' web browser by default, and automatically activated. A choice that applies to all of Asus' mobile devices, that is to say to its tablets and smartphones (the famous ZenPad and ZenFone), since its PCs embark on their side Edge, the latest Microsoft's browser version. "We are delighted to team up with Asus, the first major device manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into its mobile devices", comments Till Faida, CEO of AdBlock.

It should be remembered that last September, Adblock launched its own browser, Adblock Browser, therefore containing its anti-ad filter. This was deployed after a few months of beta, on Android as well as iOS, and upon its release revived the debate on the free Internet, and the funding of the sites that populate it. For its part, by choosing to partner with Adblock Plus - we are talking about 15 million customers potentially affected - Asus clearly shows its position on the subject. A risky choice about which the Taiwanese brand has not yet expressed itself.

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