SFR is finally back with its Fiber + PlayStation 5 Internet box offer

SFR offers a limited quantity of subsidized PlayStation 5s with its Fiber Power offer, a good opportunity to have a chance to acquire the latest Sony console with a purchase price spread over two years.

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La PlayStation 5 //

As last August, or more recently during the French Days in September, SFR is once again offering a bundle including the PlayStation 5 with its Fiber Power offer. The offer, in limited quantity, is available both on the Digital version and the Standard version of the new console of the Japanese giant. An excellent opportunity to acquire the new console from Sony and to take advantage of SFR's high-end offer.

Find the PS5 + Box SFR Fiber Power 8 offer

What is the PS5?

  • A powerful and complete console
  • A very complete catalog: PS5 exclusives + all compatible PS4 games with improvements in quality and / or framerate for the most popular
  • An excellent gaming experience thanks to the Dualsense controller, included in duplicate in this pack

What does the SFR Fiber Power 8 offer include?

  • The latest Wifi 6 compatible SFR Box, equipped with two speakers and compatible with Alexa thanks to two integrated microphones
  • A new TV interface compatible with Netflix, Canal + & Prime Video and with more than 200 TV channels included
  • Internet in FTTH up to 2 Gb / s
  • Multi TV (Connect Box under Android TV) and digital hard drive (300H) options included

Instead of 399 euros / 499 euros (Digital / Standard), the PS5 is available at 49 euros / 149 euros + 8 euros per month for 24 months with the SFR Fiber Power 8 offer at 32 euros per month for the first year then at 53 euros per month, with two years of engagement. In addition, an additional Dualsense controller is included in the pack.

Find the PS5 + Box SFR Fiber Power 8 offer

If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, please take a look below for other offers regarding the PS5. The table updates automatically.

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Do we still need to present the PS5?

Much awaited since its first announcements, the PS5 has been a full box since it went on sale on the market. Representing the next generation console from Sony, it introduces a brand new APU based on AMD's Zen2 and RDNA 2 architecture. This allows it to run the majority of its catalog at 60 frames per second with a resolution ranging from QHD to 4K depending on the games in its catalog. It is also the first Sony console to be equipped with an SSD and a dedicated storage controller with the aim of almost eliminating loading times on games compatible with this new architecture.

SFR's Fiber Power 8 offer with Box 8

SFR is finally back with its Fiber + PlayStation 5 Internet box offer

At SFR, high-end fiber is called Power 8. In addition to access to FTTH fiber with up to 2 Gb / s download (shared) and up to 500 Mb / s upload, This offer is accompanied by a complete TV package which includes more than 200 TV channels. The latter is accessible via Box 8, SFR's latest Internet box which provides access to numerous SVOD applications with HDR / Dolby Vision compatibility (notably on Netflix). It has the advantage of integrating two powerful speakers which will provide a better sound experience than the vast majority of speakers integrated into the television set and two microphones which will allow the use of Amazon's Alexa connected assistant. Finally, the Box 8 is also Bluetooth compatible to simply stream music on it from your smartphone or from another device.

Let's do the math!

SFR's offer is very comprehensive but can also be quite complex to understand. In order to better the subscription and the associated costs over 24 months (the commitment period), here is the detail of the offer:

  • Purchase price of the PS5 / PS5 Digital: 49 euros or 149 euros + 8 euros per month for 24 months, or 241 euros or 341 euros
  • Power 8 subscription price: 42 euros per month for 1 year then 60 euros per month, i.e. 1 euros over 224 months
  • Commissioning costs: 49 euros

The price of the full 24-month offer is therefore 1 euros for the PS514 Digital and 5 euros for the PS1 Standard.

For comparison, the PS5 Digital with additional controller is available at 468 euros and the PS5 Standard at 568 euros. This allows us to calculate a cost price of the SFR Power 8 subscription at 1 euros over two years, i.e. an average of 43,58 euros per month over the first 24 months, taking into account installation costs.

It is possible to save money by doing without the Box 8, the subscription then increases to 32 euros per month the first year and then to 53 euros per month thereafter.

In short, this is a great offer to take advantage of a subsidy on the price of the PS5 and a premium Fiber subscription.

Find the PS5 + Box SFR Fiber Power 8 offer

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Which console to choose?

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SFR is finally back with its Fiber + PlayStation 5 Internet box offer Which game console to choose according to your needs in 2021? SFR is finally back with its Fiber + PlayStation 5 Internet box offer SFR is finally back with its Fiber + PlayStation 5 Internet box offer

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