Set up your gaming PC without the hassle with Numerama

    If you want to build your PC yourself and you don't really know where to look, Numerama PCs are there to help you find the right components at the right price in order to build the best PC configuration for the cheapest. possible.

    Set up your gaming PC without the hassle with Numerama

    Since Idroid's redesign in December, we've been looking at a lot of new areas, including PCs. You have also been able to read several laptop PC reviews and buying guides on the PC world or gaming in general, such as our selection of mechanical keyboards. However, if you are looking to assemble your PC config 'yourself, it is with our colleagues and friends at Numerama that you should go and see.

    They update their guide to the best PC gamer configs every month. They hand-select each part to design three configurations, from high-end gaming PCs to inexpensive gaming PCs and a balanced option. In the end, you can only draw one coin to update your current PC, or buy everything at once to build your PC without the hassle. An excellent solution to have your own inexpensive gaming PC!

    As the configurations are updated every month, you can be sure that you have components that are up to date and that follow the evolution of prices and trends. All the parts are carefully chosen to offer you the best value for money in each price bracket and you will find technical details for each of them if you want to go further.

    In addition to the setups themselves, they also recommend accessories in line with the budgets and the PCs offered. In short, we strongly advise you to go for a walk.

    Discover Numerama PC configs

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