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For "firmware”Basically means the operating system that is the basis of a device, just like Windows or Mac OS is for computers. For iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPhone), Apple provides free firmware updates from time to time and there are several sites that contain the complete list of firmware that you can download on your PC and then update or restore on your device. This is certainly a delicate operation as restoration usually takes place with the deletion of all data.

In fact, if you restore the firmware via iTunes, the iOS device is first reset to factory conditions and then the operating system is updated. A complete guide on how to restore iPhone firmware with iTunes can be found in this article.

The goal of this article, however, is another and that is to show how restore iPhone firmware without iTunes.

Even if iTunes does not intervene in the operation that we are going to describe, it is still necessary that it is at least installed on the computer, as it contains the drivers necessary for communication between iPhone and computer (Windows or Mac). The software tool that you will have to download and install, and which will be the protagonist of the firmware recovery, is dr.fone for iOS.

Here are the download links:

Restore iPhone Firmware Without iTunes | iphonexpertise - Official Site Restore iPhone Firmware Without iTunes | iphonexpertise - Official Site

Guide: How to restore iPhone firmware WITHOUT iTunes (and without losing anything!)

Dr.Fone for iOS home screen:

Restore iPhone Firmware Without iTunes | iphonexpertise - Official Site

Access the function "REPAIR"And you will see this screen:

Restore iPhone Firmware Without iTunes | iphonexpertise - Official Site

Choose the repair mode: Standard (with data retention) or Advanced (with data wipe). Standard mode allows you to solve various problems such as iPhone stuck on black screen, stuck on Apple logo or in recovery mode. We recommend that you try this mode and if it fails to repair the device switch to Advanced mode (which however repairs the iPhone by erasing all data).

After choosing the repair mode, a window will open asking you to connect the device to the PC via USB. Once connected and detected, click on the button at the bottom right START to continue and set the model of your iPhone, the one you want to repair.

Restore iPhone Firmware Without iTunes | iphonexpertise - Official Site

Dr.fone will automatically show the link of the latest firmware version available for your iPhone. Click on DOWNLOAD to proceed with its download.

Restore iPhone Firmware Without iTunes | iphonexpertise - Official Site

After downloading the program will automatically select the firmware you just downloaded on your PC to install it on your iPhone.

Click REPAIR to start restoring your iPhone firmware without iTunes and no data will be deleted.


I have an iPhone XS that does not turn on, it gives me the black screen with the Apple logo and they tell me that it needs to be reset. I hadn't made any backups, with dr fone can I recover all the data, especially the photos and make a possible backup?

  • Yes, you can try the "Repair" function to repair the device without losing data.

  • my T.Screen works fine… but for 2 days when I receive a phone call, the answering T.Screen does not move, does not hear my finger and the phone is blocked. I have to turn it off and turn it on again and at this point the TS also restarts… .. but on 2/3 phone call received, the T.Screen goes into block again and I have to turn the IPhone6 ​​off and on again. The lack of TS only occurs when I get a phone call and have to give consent with my finger

  • hi I have an iphone 6 and the touch screen has frozen, no longer responds to commands and blocks the cell .. I can not even answer if they call me ... can I solve the problem with dr fone and how do I do it? above all, are you sure that no data is lost? Thank you

    • With the recovery of the operating system done by dr.fone the data remains in place and is not deleted.

  • I have an iphone 7 plus, the wifi no longer works (that is, the slide touch does not move from the off position). The wifi module was changed but obviously the same does not communicate and is not recognized. How can I do??

  • I have an iPhone 5 c stopped on looking for the modem number is not displayed, but if I heat it with the phone it works and the modem number also reappears until it cools down. Can I solve with this program?

    • if it is a software problem yes ... if it depends on the hardware no ...

  • hi my iphone 5s since yesterday no longer responds to commands, the touch screen does not work and I am unable to do anything, sometimes red bertical lines appear, does anyone know how I can do it or what is the problem? hasn't suffered any recent falls and I don't understand.

    • the same thing happened to me. how can i do to fix it?

  • I have the phone that is always stationary on the apple icon, does this allow me to reactivate it?

    • Si

  • I have an iphone 4s that after the update from the mobile phone from 9.1 to 9.2.0, was not successful and turns on only in recovery mode, itunes does not recognize it, the pc does not install the drivers a message appears usb device not recognized, if I buy dr.fone can I get my phone to wake up?

    • Yes, you should succeed with drfone

  • Hi, I wanted to know if with this program I can restore an iphone 6 to firmware 10.3 since the latest firmware available that the program gives me is 11.1. Thanks

    • to switch from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3 read here:

      • Hi, I have disabled account because I no longer remember the password of my Apple and I can't even access the email to reset the password because I lost the sheet where I had pinned everything, can this program unlock it?

  • hi, can i install iOS 10.2 on iPhone 7 with this program? I only need it to jailbrek my cell phone.

  • Hi with the system recovery, will the iPhone be reset as new? I have an iphone 6 plus of my father, unfortunately deceased, and I have no email or password and I would not want to lose my phone. Can I solve the problem with this program?

    • If the iPhone is locked on iCloud and you don't know your email or password, the only solution is what is described here

  • Hello!
    The program asks for a subscription, how can it be solved maybe with other programs?

    • It is not a subscription, it is a one-time payment for the purchase of the license and to have no limitations in the use of the program.
      There are no other alternatives at the moment able to restore the iphone without itunes ...

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