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If your device is disabled or you are unable to unlock the iPhone / iPad then it is imperative to restore the device at factory settings. Not many people know how to restore the iPhone or iPad to factory settings but the problem becomes even bigger if you have to do this reset without remembering / knowing the password. without code. Do not worry! Below we will look at 3 effective ways to reset iPhone or iPad without password. These programs will help you restore your device to factory settings by bypassing the code / passcode request.

Solution 1: Reset device without password via 4uKey

Solution2: Format iPhone / iPad without code with iTunes

Solution 3: Restore iPhone or iPad without Passcode via iCloud

Solution 1: Reset device without password via 4uKey

As usual, the official way to restore an iPhone or iPad to factory settings without even using the passcode is to use the iTunes and iCloud apps, but there are some "mandatory" conditions to follow if you want to use these apps to reset your device. . Without these conditions it becomes impossible to proceed.

The problem associated with iTunes is the connection, if you haven't connected your iOS device to iTunes before then you won't be able to reset especially if device is locked or disabled. It's the same with iCloud, you have to use the feature first Find my iPad to also use it for resetting / resetting the device.

If you are in one of these scenarios and cannot rely on Apple's official tools to restore your iOS device, then you just need to try a program called 4uKey - iPhone Unlock, an outstanding third-party software that is able to factory reset your iPad or iPhone (locked or disabled) in the blink of an eye. Here's how to reset iPhone or iPad to factory settings without using passcode and using 4uKey:

Step 1. Download and install the 4uKey software on your PC or Mac.


Step 2. After installing and opening the program, connect the iPad or iPhone to be reset to the computer via a USB cable. The software will automatically detect the device.

Step 3. From the initial screen of the program, access the "Unlock Screen passcode"And then click on"Start".

Step 4. At this point you will be asked first to put the device in DFU mode and then to download the firmware compatible with your iPhone or iPad. Choose a folder on your computer and then press the "Download"To proceed.

Step 5. After downloading the firmware return to the software window and click on “Unlock Now”.

At the end of the procedure, the device will be reset and the passcode will be removed. You will then be able to log in to the device again. The procedure will completely erase all data from your device.

Solution 2: Format iPhone / iPad without passcode with iTunes

This is one of the official procedures implemented by Apple to restore factory settings on your iPad or iPhone. It is effective and convenient, but the only problem is that you have to connect the device to iTunes, which is easier said than done. If you are not familiar with iTunes or just don't know how to restore iPad / iPhone without passcode or how delete an iPad without a passcode, read the following passages:

1 pass: Connect your device to your computer and then run the app on your computer.

Step 2: If you have synced your device with iTunes, you can click on the device icon and on the page Summary click the "Restore iPhone". ITunes will then download the software and then reset the device.

Step 3: If iTunes doesn't recognize the device, you'll need to put your iPad in recovery mode by pressing the button Home and the On / Off button together. iTunes will then detect the device in recovery mode and ask you to restore it.

Step 4: A dialog box will appear on the screen to confirm if you are sure to restore the iPad to factory settings. Click on "Restore".

At this point you will have to wait patiently for iTunes to restore your iPad or iPhone to factory settings. But you must know that this particular procedure depends exclusively on your ability to connect your device to iTunes, for this to happen you must connect to iTunes at least once before the Factory Reset and also keep the Find My iPhone function disabled. If you haven't, iTunes will fail to connect to your iPhone or iPad.

Solution 3: Restore iPhone or iPad without Passcode via iCloud

You can also use the iCloud app, but the main feature that will help you factory reset your device without code or computer is "Find my iPhone". It is a great feature implemented by Apple to locate the lost device and it can too remotely wipe the device to protect all data that falls into the wrong hands. It is a very effective way to reset and reset your iPhone or iPad, but the problem is that you must have used and activated it before that the device is completely locked.

So, if you are wondering how to factory reset iPhone / iPad without passcode, please follow the steps below.

  1. As we wrote earlier, you won't need the help of your computer but you can still use it if you don't have any other iOS devices available.
  2. Go to and log into your iCloud account with your Apple ID.
  3. Within the account click on "Find my iPhone" or "Find my iPad" and then go to "All devices".
  4. Select your device from the list and then choose "Erase iPhone”From the menu.

This procedure will completely reset the device by sending it to factory reset mode.


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