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YouTube is a video hosting website from which Internet users can send, view and share videos. It was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen. A French version was launched in June 2007, to counter Dailymotion. YouTube is currently available in the languages ​​of several countries: Brazil, Spain, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland and United Kingdom.

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  • Create a YouTube account
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  • Retrieve a video and insert it on his site
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Inscription YouTube

Most of the videos on the site can be viewed by all Internet users, but only registered users can upload unlimited videos. Likewise, only consumers can post comments and rate videos online.

Create a YouTube account

To register, you must create a Google account, and accept the terms of use. If you already have a Google account (Gmail address), you no longer need to create a Youtube account.

The Google account will give you access to Google mail (Gmail), the Google+ social network, Youtube, and all the other applications developed by Google. To create a Google account, you must indicate:

  • Your name
  • A username that will be used for your email address
  • A password
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Your mobile number
  • Your current email address

Once your account is created, you will be able to access your channel. By default, your channel will be your username. You can then select “create a username” instead of “OK I'm ready to continue”.

Engineering design

The YouTube service uses the Adobe Flash technique to display all kinds of videos: clips from movies, TV shows, and music clips, but also amateur videos from blogs for example. When a person views a video, other videos related to it are displayed in a scroll bar on the right of the screen, thanks to the title and tags.

Note the appearance of new functions: you can post videos in response to those viewed, and subscribe to receive new ones on a given topic. Videos are accessible by category and using keywords (tags), and can be uploaded to a personal blog.

Retrieve a video and insert it on his site

To do this, you just have to copy and paste the line of code that appears to the right of the screen showing the video. The line of code changes depending on whether you choose to include similar videos or not.

Then copy this line in your blog post or your site: to this end, the platform generally offers you a function called “external media selector” in order to insert this link. Another option is to insert the hyperlink of the YouTube page on your blog, which will return the reader to the page without displaying the video on your site or blog.


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