RED by SFR reviews its RED box offer and draws a new Android TV decoder

RED by SFR reviews its RED box offer and draws a new Android TV decoder RED by SFR's new TV decoder and its remote control (© Altice Spain)

RED by SFR's “à la carte” Internet offer is evolving: a new Android TV decoder and the famous SFR Box 8 armed with Wi-Fi 6 are offered to the public.

See the RED by SFR internet box offer

There is change at RED by SFR. The so-called low-cost Spanish operator of Altice has decided to reshape, not to say upset, its non-binding RED box offer, with a much larger offer and a stronger feeling, in the eyes of the consumer, that a real choice s 'offer to him. To summarize things very simply: you can for example compose an offer including as a server the famous SFR Box 8, now famous for being one of the few on the market to offer Wi-Fi 6. For the player, you can choose the new Connect TV decoder, Android please. It should be noted, before detailing all this, that this equipment is "optional", that is to say that it generates an additional cost on the initial offer at 25 euros / month in THD fiber, and 19 euros / month in ADSL.

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RED by SFR enriches its fixed Internet offer, with Wi-Fi 6…

If you want to go beyond the basic RED box offer without obligation, you can therefore swap the Box Plus in Wi-Fi 5 for the SFR Box 8. For 7 euros more per month (we go from 25 to 32 euros / month in Fiber THD and 19 to 26 euros / month in ADSL), it allows to claim speeds of up to 2 Gbit / s for download, that is to say double the "Speed ​​plus Wi-Fi 5", and much more than the standard speed, restricted to 300 Mbit / s.

Once you have Internet, the RED box offer allows, without a TV decoder, to enjoy a base of 35 channels and 8 hours of recording, for example from the site or from the application. RED TV. Still without a decoder, an option of 4 euros per month gives you access this time to 100 TV channels.

RED by SFR also offers a new application, RED TV, which gives access to 35 TV channels, VoD and replay from your smartphone and tablet. And if you want to go further in your TV experience, it is now possible. But it will, of course, still be necessary to put your hand in your pocket.

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... and a new Android TV decoder

For 19 euros with the purchase, the fixed Internet offer of RED by SFR will give you the benefit of a new decoder named “Connect TV”, which embeds Android TV 9.0. The player also supports several technologies, such as 4K HDR and Dolby Vision. It is also Dolby Atmos compatible.

In addition, the decoder comes with a voice-controlled remote control, which includes the Google Assistant and Netflix buttons. The advantage of this decoder is that it allows you to take advantage of all the applications supported by Android TV 9.0 and that it is, in the end, very affordable. “Connect TV can connect to any Internet or Wi-Fi network to take advantage of its RED TV offer anywhere, even on the go,” says the operator.

For a fee, therefore, RED by SFR is expanding its fixed offer a little more which may be able to convince, with an Android TV decoder accessible at low cost, those who were not ready to increase their monthly bill to inquire about TV channels. and other applications.

See the RED by SFR internet box offer

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