Question: wait before reconnecting a moved refrigerator?

Myth or reality: "you must always wait 24 hours before reconnecting a displaced refrigerator!". We put the question to the world leader in household appliances (and refrigerators in particular), Haier. He answers us through the voice of his product manager in Spain, Thomas Gendron:

Thomas Gendron, Haier: yes, but not for the reason often mentioned. There is no risk of refrigerant gas mixing. On the other hand, when you flatten a refrigerator, oil comes to move. It can enter the refrigeration circuit, up to the condenser, or even in extreme cases into the evaporator. Switching the fridge back on without delay means taking the risk of doing so with a partially blocked condenser, and suddenly with partial, non-homogeneous cooling. That's why we always recommend waiting 24 hours before restarting a fridge that has been moved flat.

The change of gas - R134A was ruled out for environmental reasons in favor of R600A - does not change this precaution. The choice of new gas mainly depends on the weight of the environmental taxes imposed on refrigerators.

On the other hand, if the refrigerator is moved while taking care to leave it upright, when it is moved from one room to another for example, no problem, you can restart it immediately! "

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