Mpman: a 50 euros Android tablet worthy of interest

    The manufacturer Mpman announced yesterday an Android tablet at 50 euros which, unlike most ultra low cost tablets, is not entirely without interest.

    Since the advent of tablets from major brands sold for just over 100 euros, such as those from Acer, Lenovo or HP, smaller manufacturers have been forced to push the limits even further to remain competitive. But until now they were making concessions that cost them Google certification and made their tablets almost useless for ordinary consumers.

    Mpman: a 50 euros Android tablet worthy of interest

    Mpman: a 50 euros Android tablet worthy of interest 192 x 116 x 10,5 mm for 305 g
    It is on this essential point that the new Mpman MPDC706, spotted by Tab'Infos, manages to stand out. Although its public price is only 49,90 euros, it meets a sufficient level of requirement to have been certified by Google. Concretely, this means that it comes with Google applications, such as Gmail, Google Maps or YouTube, and that it can access millions of applications from the Google Play Store. Chinese tablets that are not certified are content with obscure application portals which lack most popular applications like Facebook or Angry Birds.

    Based on an AllWinner A23 chip, consisting of a 7 GHz ARM Cortex-A1,5 dual-core CPU and an ARM Mali-400 GPU, and on 512 MB of RAM, it is far from a Nexus 7 at 250 euros but it is nevertheless perfectly up to a low-intensity use on the Internet, in multimedia or in video games. It has 4 GB of internal memory, expandable by means of a microSDHC card, a VGA front sensor and Wi-Fi and micro USB connectivity.

    It is on the screen that it makes the most concessions, since it only displays a WVGA definition (800 x 480 pixels) on a diagonal of 7 inches. With a resolution of just 135 pixels-per-inch, the pixels will therefore be clearly visible, and viewing angles may be limited.

    This Mpman MPDC706 is therefore the minimum union, but after all some consumers do not ask for more.

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