Microsoft Outlook: a bug prevents the deletion of unwanted emails

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Outlook, Microsoft's email service, is the victim of a new, rather annoying bug. When a user deletes emails, they always come back to the inbox. The American company is currently seeking a solution to the problem.

Outlook, Microsoft's email service, has welcomed several new features in recent months. Since May 2020, an email prediction function like on Gmail is available. Very handy to save time when writing. And since July 2020, the Android version of Outlook includes a link to Bing Search to facilitate your searches.

Only, if Outlook does improve month after month, the messaging service is still the victim of a rather annoying bug. According to Microsoft, this bug prevents the permanent deletion of mails and spam messages saved in the inbox. More precisely, it is possible to delete them, but these unwanted emails keep coming back to your inbox.

Unwanted emails keep coming back

This bug seems to affect only the main inbox, in fact it is always possible to permanently delete emails from the trash tab. Normally, when you delete an email, it is sent directly to the trash. Only, this bug makes them keep coming back to the inbox.

Microsoft is currently analyzing the various complaints and testimonials from users affected by this malfunction. The American giant has promised that the problem would be solved before the end of 2020, without further details. According to our colleagues at the Windows Latest site, this problem was first reported in July 2020.

How to bypass the purpose of Outlook

In the absence of an official fix, Microsoft gave some tips to aggrieved users to work around this bug:

  • Use the Windows 10 Mail application or the Outlook application (not the site)
  • If you have linked Gmail, Yahoo or other accounts to your Outlook account, delete your emails from its services
  • Move your unwanted emails to the Archives and delete them manually from this tab

In addition, Microsoft assures that it is currently investigating another bug causing the disappearance of the family calendar in Outlook. As a reminder, Microsoft recently corrected 112 security flaws in its various products such as Windows 10, Office or Defender. 17 of them were considered critical.

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