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“I have scanned many magazines through a Canon LiDE 80 scanner hoping to copy some graphics from the scanned PDF files. But, much to my disappointment, I haven't found good software that can make PDF editable. " - Peter

make a PDF editable scanned, a professional tool is essential. On this page we want to recommend PDFELEMENT, a PDF editing tool specially designed to edit and convert both standard and scanned PDF files. Thanks to the integrated OCR Plugin, it is able to transform scanned PDFs into editable documents. Here are the simple steps to follow to make a scanned PDF editable.

How to Edit a Scanned PDF

Step 1. Download PDFElement and activate OCR Plugin

Click the download button below to download PDF Editor to your Windows or Mac computer. After downloading, install. To make a scanned PDF editable, you will need to click on the button OCR present in the PRO version of the program. Only by activating the OCR function will you be able to transform a scanned PDF into an editable document.


Initial program screen:

Step 2. Run OCR

From the initial screen of the program click on the bottom left on OPEN FILE to select the scanned PDF you want to make editable thanks to this PDF Editor. The moment it opens, a pop-up message will ask you to select the right language to scan the PDF and perform the OCR. Select the language and click on the button "OK”To perform OCR on the scanned PDF file.

Step 3. Modifica PDF

At the end of the OCR process, you will find that you can select and edit the text in the PDF easily and freely.
You can edit or insert text in the PDF by going to the Home menu, clicking on "Modification”And moving the mouse to the part of the PDF where you want to edit the text. Click on the text block and when the cursor appears, enter the desired text.
annotate the PDF you will be able to use a wide range of annotation tools. You can add object shapes, highlight text, underline, insert comments, stamps, etc….
To insert images or photos, just access the Edit menu and click on Add Image. Similarly you can add a watermark inside the PDF.

Here's how to make a PDF editable with PDF Editor. It is very easy, right? Download PDF Editor now to edit your scanned PDFs!

Make a Scanned PDF Editable -

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