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The Iphone it is an exceptional device, from every point of view. Among the pre-installed applications on the iPhone we certainly find the most important ones for calling, texting, downloading music, watching videos, saving contacts and appointments, making notes, etc ... An app that is missing by default on the device is that of the FREE RADIO. In any case, for those who want the "radio" function on their iPhone there are dozens of app to listen to radio on iPhone, and most of them require an internet connection.

You can find a selection of best radio apps that require internet connection in this article: best radio apps for iPhone.

But if you are looking for a radio app to listen to the radio on iPhone without internet connection, here are some of our tips.

#1. Spotify Music

The radio function offered by Spotify it is a great way to listen to songs by any artist, in a chained way and without interruptions. Spotify radio stations are categorized based on a specific song, artist, or specific genre. You can also improve the audio quality in the app settings menu (via the “streaming performance” option). There radio Spotify Music it can also be listened to in offline mode, without internet connection, but you have to upgrade the application to the 'Premium' version.

Pro: His song library is very large and tends to get bigger and bigger. The audio quality is very good and it has an intuitive interface to quickly discover your favorite songs.

Against: Offline playback is only available with the Premium version and the application consumes a lot of battery on the iPhone.

#2: Public Radio Player

This radio application is one of the most trusted and most used applications by iPhone users. What makes it popular is that it has a great source of content and it keeps getting better and better over the years - each update improves the user experience. With this application, you can download all the songs you want to be able to listen to them later even when you don't have an internet connection.

Pro: Excellent content management and able to work even in the background on the iPhone

Against: Suboptimal performance.

#3: Hype Machine

Don't expect to hear Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or other famous artists through this app. If you are a music snob who doesn't appreciate mainstream music, this app is for you. The team behind this app follows leading avant-garde music blogs to showcase the music of unknown artists.

Pros: Streamlined streaming and large database of artists.

Cons: Non-free version.

#4: Google Play Music

This application works very similar to iTunes. Its radio function uses the music in your iPhone's library and allows you to customize and create your own radio station. It has a large catalog and all the songs can be downloaded for offline listening. The application has a lot of features, but not all of them are available in the iOS version.

Pros: wide range of songs, attractive interface, supports Chromecast and the radio function allows you to preview tracks.

Cons: Not compatible with all iOS versions

#5: Slacker Radio

If you are not very fussy about the playlist to be created, the Slacker Radio app offers ready-made songs, based on a wide range of musical genres. Alternatively, you can customize your own playlists. With that app you are able to receive talk radio from ABC and six ESPN stations. It is a very simple application that can be intuitively explored. Offline and ad-free playback is only possible by upgrading to the paid premium version.

For: Large catalog of artists and stations, easy to navigate interface.

Cons: Need to upgrade to premium version for offline streaming.

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