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A very common problem that happens to many users in possession of a iPhone is that ofsudden black screen. This problem can happen while using the phone or even during a regular charging cycle. There are also cases where it is iPhone screen suddenly goes black following an impact or a fall.

When you find yourself with a iPhone with screen black you must first understand if the phone is to or off. To do this, just charge it or try ringing that phone. Already with these first operations, the screen could "unlock" automatically and return to normal operation.

If the problem is not solved, in addition to understanding if the phone is on or off, we must try to understand if it is a problem of nature software o hardware. When the problem is of a hardware type (usually following a disastrous fall), the only solution is to replace the iPhone screen with a new one (which you can do by following tutorials on Youtube or have it done at a specialized center) .

When the problem is of nature software instead there are various ways to solve the problem. Here is a list of all the possible solutions you can try.

Solution # 1: Charge the iPhone and ring that phone

As mentioned above this is the fastest solution which solved the problem for many users. If even in your case the screen returns to work after doing this operation, try to understand the cause of the problem to prevent it from happening again in the future.

The cause of the problem may simply be there Insufficient memory on iPhone. That's right: low free memory can lead to device crash and resulting black screen. In this case, it is advisable to make a backup of the iPhone as soon as possible (to secure all the data) and then do a cleaning of the iPhone to free up space on the iPhone (in its internal memory)

Solution # 2: Force restart the iPhone

Second pressed the Home button and the Power button at the same time for about 10 seconds. The iPhone will turn off. Wait a few seconds and restart it: if the apple logo appears then the problem is solved and the phone will restart normally.

Solution # 3: Repair iPhone Black Screen with dr.Fone

If the problem persists, we recommend that you do a (software-level) repair of your iPhone. To do this you can rely on the program dr.Fone Repair. Here are the steps to follow to fix iPhone with black screen

Download dr.Fone on your PC or macOS from the links below:

After installation you will see the following main interface:

Connect your iPhone to the computer (with USB cable) and from the program access the "REPAIR". You will see this screen:

Choose the repair mode: Standard (with data retention) or advanced (with deletion of data). We recommend that you try Standard mode first to avoid data loss, especially if you don't have a recent backup.

Once the iPhone is detected by the program, click on START and follow the instructions that will lead you to restore the operating system of your iPhone (without any data being deleted):

At the end of the operation the device will restart and at that point you can check if the problem is black screen has been solved.

Solution # 4: Free Up Space on iPhone

If before encountering the black screen problem on iPhone, the device often displayed the message of "insufficient memory", then you should do a cleaning of the internal memory of the phone as soon as possible. What to do with the all black screen? In fact it is not simple but you could try using dr.Fone Eraser.

With this program, after you have connected the iPhone to the computer via USB, you will be able to do an automatic cleaning which will free up several GB of space on the phone. After doing this you will simply have to restart the device and after the restart the screen should return to normal.

Solution # 5: Restore iPhone with iTunes

Another way to solve the problem of iPhone black screen is to avail of the assistance of iTunes. However, with this solution, the device will be reset and you will lose all the data present on your phone. If you haven't made a recent backup of your device, we don't recommend that you follow this solution.

If your iPhone screen is black, simply plug it into your computer and launch an updated version of iTunes. Wait a few moments for iTunes to automatically detect it. Then go to the "Summary" section of iTunes and click on the "Restore鈥漈o reset the device.

A warning will be displayed. Click the "Restore鈥漈o reset the phone. Wait a few moments as iTunes will restore and restart it normally.



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