iOS 14 retains data without your knowledge even if you delete apps

You don't need to delete apps from your iPhone if you want to get rid of all your data. A Reddit member discovered that these automatically connect to your account after removing and reinstalling them. A blow for Apple which sets itself up as a great defender of privacy.

It has been some time nowApple went to war against applications that collect personal data. Since the implementation of the new policy of the App Store which imposes more transparency on developers, the Cupertino company has made a place of choice alongside the defenders of privacy. However, the latter is not as white as it might suggest. Indeed, a member of Reddit discovered that some data is systematically stored by the iPhone.

The latter explains that after uninstalling and then reinstalling an application, he was automatically logged into his account. without having to enter his login details. “I logged into the 9gag app and then uninstalled it,” he says. “After some time I downloaded the app again and when I opened it I was automatically logged into the same account, without being asked for my password”.

The iPhone stores your credentials, the only solution: system restore

The Redditer explains that there is no point in deleting your applications if you want to get rid of all your data. It also specifies that the identifiers are kept even if the iPhone is not synced with iCloud. “They can store credentials and account information, which can be used when the same application (or all of the developer's) is reinstalled. The only way to delete everything and restore to factory settings".

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Although this is not data relating to the user's personal life or intended to target advertisements, it remains thatApple is not exempt from all reproach in terms of data retention. While iOS 14.5 will force applications to ask you whether or not you agree to be tracked, the Cupertino company is not shy to retrieve certain information. “I think it's a serious breach of security and privacy. We cannot know what data is kept. Developers could use them to combine accounts with advertising data from their other apps ”.

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