Instagram wants to add music to Stories… and compete with Musically?

Pieces of code suggest the arrival of a new feature on Instagram: the addition of music in Stories. A blow for the application, phenomenon of the moment.

Ishan Argawal, a young coder, recently discovered some interesting novelties in the source code of the Instagram app. There is mention of a new functionality allowing to create a "musical sticker".

At first, this new sticker could only display the name of the artist and the music currently playing on your phone (or selected via a search engine or particular tabs like "mood" and "genres"), but it could go much further.

Music in the Stories

Facebook, owner of Instagram, has already signed contracts with the main music majors (Sony, Universal, Warner and European Labels) and would also seek to add a piece of the song directly to the Stories. This would add creatively interesting to the app and allow the emergence of new uses on Instagram.

We think in particular of the production of diverted music videos or lip synch videos, as already does. If you go to YouTube without adblocker, you couldn't escape the ads for this app which makes you sing along to famous songs and invites you to mimic an alien dance on "Dame tu Cosita". This app is particularly popular with young people right now, which may have caught the attention of Facebook.

Admit that you have it in your head now ...

It wouldn't be the first time Facebook has sought to re-adapt the idea of ​​a hot app. Instagram Stories are very much inspired by those of Snapchat, which has laughed yellow ever since.

The happiness of advertisers

As TechCrunch points out, this novelty could be very profitable for Instagram. By encouraging users to watch Stories with sound, the application could further monetize its advertising campaigns, which would then have a not only visual but also auditory interest.

For the moment, Instagram did not wish to comment on this and we will therefore have to wait a little longer before knowing what the application really has in store for us.

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