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The management of contacts it becomes vitally important when changing mobile phones because, if done correctly, it allows you to have the phonebook intact on the new mobile phone and without too much difficulty. There are various ways to import contacts to iPhone, and a lot also depends on the type and format of the file in which these contacts are saved.

One of the most popular formats, in which contacts are saved, is certainly the format CSV. It is a format similar to "Excel" but in which the information is separated by a comma or a semicolon. Often when you want to backup phone contacts to computer, these contacts are saved right in a CSV file. Even from iCloud, if you want to export the contacts, the latter can be saved in CSV as also described in this guide.

How to Import CSV Contacts to iPhone?

If you have a CSV contact file, the easiest and fastest way to import them correctly to your iPhone is to use the program TunesGO.

Download the version for Windows PC or Mac OS X.


After installing and running the program on your computer, you will see a splash screen that will ask you to connect your iPhone (via USB) to the computer. Once connected, the image of your iPhone will appear in the program, as can also be seen in fig. following:

By clicking on the tab at the top INFO you will be able to view all the contacts already saved in the device:

At this point, all you have to do is click on the button MATTERS and choose "the CSV file"

Select the CSV file from your computer and click OK to confirm uploading the contacts to your iPhone.

As you can see it is very simple and it takes just a few minutes to import CSV contacts to iPhone. The procedure is practically the same if you want to import VCF (vCard) contacts to iPhone or if you want to synchronize Outlook contacts with iPhone.



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How can I import a csv file from 1500 contacts to an iphone without spending 50 euros?

  • If you search on the net you may find manual operations .. but with manual operations there is always the risk of messing up

  • pity that the loading of contacts is performed for 10 contacts or you pay for the program

    • Yes, it is the limitation of the trial version of the program

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