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There are many reasons why one SIM can be blocked on the iPhone: for example, there is a contractual relationship with the operator of that SIM and phone, the iPhone is blocked on a different network to your SIM card, or simply an Wrong PIN has been entered. In the latter case, a message such as "Sim Blocked" will appear but it will be possible to click on "UNLOCK”To enter the correct PIN and unlock the iPhone. If you do not know the PIN you will have to find the PUK code (written on the card) and if you do not find the PUK either you will have to contact your operator.

If you have an iPhone instead "SIM Locked"That works only with the SIM present during the purchase phase and linked by a" contract ", then you will have to rely on one of the" SIM Unlock "services that is able to unlock iPhone SIM quickly and easily. To understand if your iPhone has the operator lock and it is blocked on the SIM just go to the site, enter the IMEI of your iPhone (if you don't know how to do it, read how to find IMEI iPhone) and you will be able to understand the status of your iPhone.

If the iPhone is "locked by the operator", as already mentioned before you can use a secure and guaranteed unlocking service, such as DoctorUnlock. It only requires some data from the iOS device and then emails an unlock code that allows you to activate the iPhone on that SIM and use it without any restrictions. This whole process is 100% safe, legal and guaranteed.
Furthermore, it should be noted that the service of sblocco SIM iPhone it does not damage the phone in any way, nor does it void the warranty.

How to Unlock iPhone SIM with DirectUnlocks

Step 1. Log in to the site DoctorUnlock and you will see the following page:

Step 2. Select your iPhone model

Click on the figure representing the model of your iPhone (iPhone 12/11/X/8/7/6S/6/5S/5/4s) and a new page will open where you will have to do two things:

a) select the operator (e.g. for the city Vodafone, TIM, Tre; for the USA you will have AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc ..., for England you will have Vodafone UK, Three UK, Orange, O2 , EE uk, GifGaff UK, and so on…) on which the iPhone is locked
b) enter the IMEI of your iPhone in the box below.

Step 3. Make payment for the service

After entering the IMEI and selecting the operator, a new page will open in which you will have to pay for the service (the cost varies according to the selected operator). By clicking on the button BUY NOW a new window will open in which you will have to enter your email and then proceed with the payment by credit card. Once the payment has been made, all you have to do is wait (24-72 hours) for the receipt of an email containing all the instructions to unlock the iPhone and use it with any SIM!

That's it!

The guide just described is limited only to the SIM unlock function (if the iPhone is locked on a sim and network operator). However, if you have an iPhone locked on iCloud or Find My iPhone read this article: how to unlock iPhone from iCloud



i have an iphone with this IMEI: 359404087248861 from i have Blacklisted = YES. can I unlock it as described above?

  • It cannot be unblocked if it is blacklisted.

  • Ho an iPhone

    • Hi I bought an Iphone 11 in London and I came to the city and they blocked my phone from the operator but if I put the SIM card 15 does it work or not?

  • Hi I have an iPhone 7 and it only works with tim card, now I switched to Vodafone and I can't use it. Can I know if it is possible to unlock it and what procedure should I perform (when selecting the operator in my case do I have to put Tim or Vodafone?)

    • You have to put Tim

  • Hi I bought iPhone 7 from Wind With the sim, however, I always used tim on the phone every now and then I did the recharge even in the Wind now I have blocked the service I can not use any sim but the same I am paying the installment with the current account Yes po unlock and if you can unlock which operator should I put tim or Wind wait for an answer thanks

  • I was wondering if unlocking can also be done with Iliad

  • I wanted to ask if once unlocked with an Italian operator then it works with all Italian sims

    • Yes, of course…

  • I bought an iPhone 6splus from the Wind store with a debit on the current account, associated with a sim that I had to load every month, but to get the phone in installments I gave a sim that was about to expire, the Wind store, did not tell me that once the sim expired there was the termination of the contract and that the Wind demands all the amount immediately in a single solution, I who in the meantime have paid a year and a half, I asked if I could continue to pay in installments always with the '' debit on the current account, but the company wants all the difference immediately; I not accepting the conditions I told him to take the phone back, but they did not accept it is so they blocked my phone, where I can not call, but it only works via Internet . At this point I would like to unlock the phone, how do I do it, can you give me some directions. Thanks

  • Good evening, I have an iPhone 7+ bought used by a guy about a year ago with a regular invoice (which seems to be bogus) and bound by a contract with Vodafone ... since yesterday it does not go online with the words "no service" after several tests and vicissitudes tonight we came to the conclusion that the phone's imi is blocked by the Vodafone manager which unfortunately is the same as the sim I've always used ... tried with another Vodafone sim and it doesn't go as with mine, tried with another sim iliad and it works ... now I would like to understand if with the service offered I can use the phone again with my vodafone sim?
    but main thing I would like to understand how reliable is this service since it is paid?!?!? at the moment above i have read about many interested people, but none who have actually tried it and who can give us feedback ????

    • If the phone has been locked for unpaid installments, then it is UNABLE to unlock.

      • ok, as I imagined!
        thanks for the clarification …

      • Change to iliad, or pay one of those sites that send you the unlock code, but look for a reliable one

  • Good evening everyone X the unlocking operator is a mess I always pay the last installments if it is convenient or you buy a used motherboard for now there is nothing if there is someone who knows more if they inform him on this forum good evening and Thank you

  • Hi how can I find out which operator has blocked the phone?

  • Hi, I have an iPhone 7 bought from a private individual with "regular invoice" (false)
    Practically this person scammed me by selling me the mobile phone by subscription and did not pay the installments and they blocked it for me and can it be unblocked?

    • Unfortunately this is one of those cases where unlocking is impossible.

  • Hi, I have a locked iphone 6plus (original AT&T sim) in which I would like to insert Italian sim temporarily. Upon my return to the USA I would like to use it with T-Mobile. My 7+ was stolen and this 6+ is an older phone I used in the USA. Is it possible using this service? By the way, how to lock my 7+ since it was unlocked? Thanks.

  • Hi .. I have an iPhone 6 64 gb but it does not read the sim card xk the motherboard is locked by the operator .. How can I unlock it? Thanks

  • I won an iphone 7 in a lottery and after 7 months it was blocked by the operator Wind, I called wind and they told me that the company that bought it has more than 30 blocked contracts I have to throw away the phone

    • are you telling me that even that the operator block allows you to use only the manager with which the contract was activated ??

  • Hi I have an iPhone 7 purchased with a Wind sim card, now I switched to Vodafone and it crashed. Which operator should I use, Wind or Vodafone that I intend to continue to use?
    Thank you .

    • With Wind you shouldn't have any more problems.

  • Hello, I bought a second hand 6s, no problem until I switched to another operator .. inserting a sim
    Is it possible that Vodafone can read it?

  • Good evening, I have an iphoneX with a US sprint contract ... I live in the USA during the winter and until last year the operator unlocked it for the time I was in the city. Before returning to the city I contacted the operator and he told me that from this year they can no longer do it ... can I unlock it with the procedure described above? When I go back to the USA, do I have problems to make it work again with the sprint card? Thank you very much.

    • Unlocking is feasible .. but difficult to say if there may be problems in re-working it with the sprint board. Try to contact the support of the service described in the article directly to ask for confirmations

  • I have iphone 6, phone unlocked but I have blocked the card of the TIM ergo the sim does not work, can you unlock the manager?

  • I have an iphone7 blocked by wind 5 days can we do something thanks

    • Hello were you able to solve if yes how?

  • Thanks very kind

  • Good evening, sorry but on the Official iPhone Unlock site I have to put the company I intend to unlock or the new one I would like to adopt.
    Yours sincerely

    • The one to be unlocked must be entered

  • hi sorry me or an iphone if blocked by the wind operator but you or since you have no wind in the list the phone works at times with the wind postemobile and wind I would like an answer how to behave

  • Hello,
    on the officialiphoneunlock site there are two operators Sprint USA and Sprint 99x USA. Which should I choose?

  • Hello,
    a year and a half ago I immediately bought a used ipad mini. Until now used it with a Tim sim and it has always worked. Now I have joined a promotion of Vodafone, but the sim vodafone gives me no service. I call 190 and discover that the person who sold it to me hadn't finished paying for it and Vodafone has put up a block.
    Can I unlock the device for the vodafone operator using the above procedure?
    Thank you. Greetings.

  • Hi good morning, I wanted to know if there is a way and what it is To unlock an iPhone locked by Vodafone ..
    Let me explain in a nutshell: I bought a used iPhone 6s from a person, and after some time I was blocked by Vodafone because the previous owner has not finished paying the installments, so I remain with a blocked phone is unusable with any operator .. is it possible to do something?

    • Yes, with the service described in the article which, however, is paid. So you have to evaluate whether or not it is convenient, also based on the value of the device.

  • Hello,
    can you unlock an iPhone 7 Plus locked by the Wind operator?
    In the form you have there is no Wind.
    Thank you.


  • hello me a year and a half ago I bought an ipad air 2 4g from a private individual, now it's three weeks since the network is no longer working ... I checked and my ipad has an operator lock ... I just don't know what company ... how can I Do ?

  • Hi I bought an iPhone 8 plus in America, of course it is blocked by the operator, but since I have been scammed in the sale how can I establish that it has not been blocked because it was stolen?

    • Try to check from this site if it was stolen or not:

  • hello, for now they have only warned me that they will block the phone, do I have to wait for it to be blocked or can I already request the unlock code ???

    • We have to wait for it to be blocked .. it cannot be done sooner

  • I wanted to know if I have to put the operator who blocked the phone or the one I would like to use it with

    • the operator who has blocked must be entered

      • hi I wanted to know I have an iphone 6s plus with an American sprint operator you can convert to the Italian network

    • I've been waiting for someone to ask for it for a long time

  • Ok. But with vodafone it should work right?

  • hello i bought an iphone 6s in uk stuck with vodafone

    • No, unless you unlock it following the instructions in the article above.

    • to me the same thing with IPHONE7 🙁 vodafone blocked the IMEI because the original buyer did not pay all the installments, and now I pay for it, do you think it works?

  • Hello. I bought two new iPhone 7s still boxed up immediately and only now I realize that they have been blocked by the operator and consequently does not take the telephone network. Is there a chance that these will start working again? I would be grateful for your help

    • Yes, but only if they are not blocked in case of theft

      • They don't take any kind of network. I am trying in every way to unlock them but without results. I can't find even a technician who wants to try.

  • Iphone 7 locked by wuind manager you can unlock it. Before the lock went with each card

    • I have an XS MAX with operator lock so the cellular data part does not work is it possible to unlock it?

    • Good evening, I bought iPhone xs as a private individual with (it seemed) a regular receipt, after about 5 months I realized that by changing the SIM, from iliad to Tim it no longer worked, or better now it only works with Tim without the possibility of using it with anything else operator, is it possible to unlock it? Thanks

      • You can try to hear the operator if there are conditions to remove the block. Otherwise you have to find alternative routes like those proposed in the guide above.

  • I wanted to know if it only works with iPhones that come from abroad or even with Italian ones

    • also applies to the Italian ones

      • hello, yesterday I bought an iphone 6 that works only with wind card how can I solve the problem so that it works with all the other cards?

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