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In recent years, the brand is increasingly establishing itself in the city Huawei which has launched high-tech devices with many new and interesting features on the mobile phone market. On the other hand, the Apple house has collected some criticisms and complaints in recent years, just remember the problem of the "fragility" of the iPhone structure, not to mention the "flop" of Samsung with some models released in recent years.

For these reasons, many users have decided to choose a branded latest generation Android device Huawei which has reached and in some features even surpassed the performance of the giant Samsung. The latest devices produced by Huawei are truly exceptional in terms of style, quality and reliability.

If you have an old iPhone and are about to upgrade to a Huawei cell phone here is the easiest and fastest way to go copy data from iPhone to Huawei. The operation is obviously possible even if you want to pass sms, contacts, photos, videos, music, etc ... from Huawei to iPhone.

#1. dr.Fone Switch

The program dr.fone is one of the most powerful and up-to-date software on the market when it comes to data management and transfer between device and computer or between different mobile devices. You can download the free demo version of this program from the following links (for Windows and Mac)

Once the program is open you will see this window with all the functions made available:

The data transfer function from iPhone to Huawei or in general data transfer from iPhone to Android or vice versa is the one that is activated by clicking on the box at the bottom TELEPHONE TRANSFER. After installing this module, this new window will open:

Via USB cable you will have to connect both the iPhone and the Huawei to your computer.

If the Huawei is not detected, you need to activate the option called "debug USB” (if you do not know how to do it, look at the graphic instructions on the program. In practice you will have to go to Settings -> Phone Info -> click 7 times on Build Number. This will activate the Developer Options menu in Phone Settings. Access this new menu and you can first activate "Developer Options" and then the "USB Debugging" mode)

When the two mobiles are detected by dr Fone, proceed to select the data you want to copy (contactsphotos, messages, videos, calendar, calls, music, etc ...) and start the copy by clicking on "Start Transfer".

#2. Mobiletrans

The second software to try for such an operation is definitely MobileTrans, one of the best applications (for Windows and Mac) that guarantee data transfer between IOS and Huawei devices.

First download and install MobileTrans on your PC or Mac:


After installation, start the program by clicking on Start Now:

Here is the main MobileTrans screen that you will see appear on your computer:

Click on the blue area to access the data transfer window.

Please note: Before doing other operations it is important to connect both the Huawei device and your iPhone via USB. The software should automatically detect the presence of the two devices. In the case of the Huawei device you will surely have to activate the USB debugging option and make sure that when connected to the computer it is not set to "Charge only" but to "Data transfer".

Once the phones have both been recognized you will see a screen like this:

On the left of the program, place the source phone, eg. iPhone, while on the right the destination one, eg. Huawei. Choose the data to transfer (contacts, messages, calls, music, notes, videos) and finally click on "START COPY”To copy the data

During the transfer you will see:

Wait for the transfer to arrive at 100%. At this point the process will be completed.

Alternative to MobileTrans to transfer data between iPhone and Huawei

If by chance with Mobiletrans can't get devices detected or can't transfer data between iPhone and Huawei, a great alternative is TunesGO. A detailed guide on how to transfer data from iOS and Android devices and therefore also between iPhone and Huawei is available at this link:

Most popular Huawei devices

1.  Huawei P30, P20 Pro, P20 Lite, P10, P10 Lite, P10 Plus

2. Huawei P8, Huawei P9, P9 Lite e P9 Plus,

3. Huawai Mate 9, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 10 PRO

4. Huawei W1

5. Huawei Ascend Y TracFone

6. Huawei Summit

7. Fusion 2

8.U 2800A Go Phone

9. Huawei Pinnacle

10. Huawei Honor 7


should i transfer data from a huawei p 10 lite to an iphone 7, can i?

  • Yes, it is possible

  • can i also pass instagram data and apps in general as if it were a normal backup between iphone?

    • No, it is not possible for app data

  • Can I also move wats up chats from iPhone to Huawei?

    • Si

  • I have a problem, I have to transfer contacts from an iphone to a Hawei, but the program tells me that I have no contacts in the address book what does this mean?

    • Make sure iCloud is not active on the iPhone. Also make sure that the contacts are saved in the memory of your iPhone and not on the USIM.

  • Can I transfer the contacts of an address book from iphone 4 to Hawei even if I don't remember the Apple user id and password or how to recover them?

    • If the contacts are present in the iPhone memory (and not on iCloud) you do not need the Apple id and password ...

  • Good morning,
    I have to do a data transfer from an iphone 4 to a huwei P9 Plus; I activated the debug from “consentnti use of HDB, but still the program does not see it for me.
    How can I do?

    • Also try this alternative program to MobileTrans:

  • Hi, I read on the MobileTrans website that it works up to the Hawei P8 version; how can i do to transfer data from iphone 4s to hawei P9?

    Thank you

    • It also supports Huawei P9

  • Hi I should transfer a game from iOS (hayday) to Android Hawei p8 device.
    It's possible? Because through Facebook I can't and neither through other apps.
    I wonder if it was possible with this program

    • If it was android to android yes… but ios to android is not supported yet.

  • I would like to export contacts and photos from iTunes to Huawei p9, but the program doesn't recognize me on Huawei and I don't know how to activate usb debugging. How could I do?

    • To activate usb debugging on huawei here is the guide:

  • Hello everyone I have a question: does this data transfer also allow you to transfer whats app chats? (always from iphone to huawei)

    • To transfer whatsapp chats you need to use this other software:

  • I bought the program to be able to download everything. In fact, it imported contacts, sms, call logs, but when I import photos, about 4185, halfway it freezes, it stops on the name of the last one imported with the fixed percentage on 100% and bon does not go further. How come ?? What can I do ?

    • Try to always create a backup of the photos only through Mobiletrans and then restore this backup on the new device. If the block still happens on that photo, then try deleting it and restarting the transfer.

  • While debugging my windows 10 pc does not recognize my huawei p8. Depends on what?

    • Try to download and install the HiSuite software on your computer which contains all the huawei drivers… in this way Mobiletrans will be able to detect it without problems.

  • Hello with the trial version what can you do?

    • The trial version only serves to make sure that the connected devices are correctly recognized and allows you to transfer 5 contacts and other limited data.

  • I can't backup because my Huawei device doesn't recognize me
    Does it depend on?

    • On the Huawei you need to activate the USB debugging mode

  • good morning, but what limits does the Trial version have?

    • It transfers a very limited number of data .. therefore it only serves to understand how it works and to verify that your device is compatible with the program itself.

  • Mobile Trans with Windows 10 doesn't let me install it and tells me: “DO NOT RUN”. Possible???

    • The software works regularly on Windows 10… Ignore that warning and proceed with the installation by clicking at the bottom of that window that appears

  • but you only have to download the program to be able to transfer data from iPhone to Huawei or buy the program?
    where to buy ??

    I'm waiting

    • inside the program there is the link to purchase the license. The price is around 24 euros

  • Hello, I would like to buy your product - Mobile trans, - but first I have to ask you if the program is compatible to transfer data from note 3 (which I have already seen in the list) to a brand new Huawei Made 8 (coming soon at unieuro) . if so, I'll buy it, thanks for your kind reply, Maurizio

    • Yes, the program is compatible with all Android devices and also with those soon to be released.

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