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Mine iPhone fell into the water and if it is no longer repairable I am practically ruined because I have a lot of data saved in it ... Is there any solution? How do I fix iPhone dropped in water or at least recover data from it?

First of all we need to distinguish the type of water. If we are talking about "fresh" water (and not sea water) there are very high chances that the iPhone is repairable but you have to "take care" of the device carefully to be able to recover its normal functions, without even having to go to an Apple store for the repair. In the case of sea water, on the other hand, everything depends on the time in which the iPhone came into contact with the water, if we are talking about a few fractions of a second then it is still possible to "repair it".

Like any other electronic device, the iPhone could be potentially damaged when it comes in contact with a liquid. But if falls into the water for a few seconds it is not necessarily damaged forever. In these cases il tempo plays the main role: obviously the contact between iPhone and water is as short as possible and immediately afterwards follow a series of operations that we are going to describe below.

How to fix iPhone dropped in water?

As soon as you pick up theiPhone dropped into water you must immediately proceed by doing several operations. If the iPhone dropped into water is still on, you must immediately turn it off and then dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth. Here are the tips to follow to repair an iphone that has fallen into water and prevent the damage from becoming irrecoverable:

• Place the iPhone in a tub or bag of uncooked rice and let it sit for a couple of hours.

• Keep the phone in a plastic bag with some silica packets

These first tips allow you to "capture" the excess moisture present in the phone. Air drying the device is another acceptable solution, but it is not as fast as the ones mentioned above. However, if none of the attempts described above succeed in bringing the device back to life, you have to take it to the Apple store.

How to fix a wet iPhone?

The most common thing that happens when an iPhone falls into the water is "disability". A disabled phone is impossible to use: sometimes, the phone can be turned on, but the logo totally disappears and a white space or thin red line appears indicating its desperate need for repair.

While we have already mentioned how to quickly dry the device, here are some other useful steps to follow:

Step 1: Avoid other contact between iPhone and water

Step 2: Turn off the iPhone if it is still on to avoid a subsequent short circuit.

Step 3: Remove the iPhone cover to prevent moisture from seeping into the device and take out the SIM card

Step 4: Take some paper towels or a clean cloth to remove the water from the iPhone. Clean the cracks on the iPhone by lightly shaking the device.

Step 5: Put your iPhone in a plastic bag surrounded by some silica gel packets as they are moisture absorbent. Alternatively, as noted above, just dip the iPhone into a bag of uncooked rice.

Step 6: In case you are really sure about doing DIY repairs on iPhone, the best approach for any wet phone is to unscrew the bottom screws and check the insides. Once disassembled, the battery must be carefully removed and dried.

Step 7: Keep the phone in a warm place for about 48 hours

Step 8: Don't make the mistake of charging your phone for the next 72 hours. This is a fundamental precaution for all water damaged devices.


my iphone 6 was in contact with water today but little, until a few hours ago it worked then the fingerprint stopped working and now it continues to restart itself what should I do?

  • hello everyone I have a problem with my phone (iphone 8) I dropped it in the water but I managed to get it right away. the phone works perfectly the only problem is that it does not read me the charger but it reads the headphones quietly even though the plug is inserted in the same hole ... I dropped it this morning but I tried to put it now nekl laughed ... what should I do? please help me

  • My iPhone 8 fell into sea water for a second, it no longer works and Apple washed its hands of it.
    In the face of raincoat

  • I rinsed my iPhone XS under the tap. I later noticed that the phone was not working the Id Face. Therefore it is under warranty I put it in repair and Apple has issued a quote of around € 600 for the repair. Excuse me but this phone is or is it not waterproof and dustproof ?????

    • Hi how did you solve? I find the phone in similar condition!

  • Hello yesterday the iPhone 6s phone yesterday I fell in the toilet but it was on and the battery was turned off X from yesterday afternoon I put it in a bowl full of rice I tried to turn it on this morning but I don't even get the symbol of the charge of the iPhone as I do

  • and been of help I will try to open it to dry it in the various parts including the battery

  • Thanks for the helpful tips!

    • Useful to start saving. Thanks

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