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Cleaning up the iPhone it indicates not the external cleaning (even if every now and then it would do well), but the internal one, that is to go to clean the memory to free up space on the iPhone. Memory is almost always the most valuable component (and also the most expensive one) not only on mobile devices like iPhones, but also on computers (just yesterday we wrote a guide on how to clean Windows memory) and on other technological devices. Even with the advent of "cloud" services that help us save a lot of data online, without clogging up the internal memory of our devices, very often the need arises to clean the memory because it is already "almost full".

The problem of “low” memory is more evident on iPhones than on Android devices; this is due to the different data management even if Apple is trying to optimize everything over time (see for example saving photos in HEIC format and not JPG to save space). What raises the problem of memory piena your iPhone however, it is not so much the presence of many photos or video files, but the presence in the memory of many useless files which are automatically generated by the iOS operating system. In fact, just log in to Settings of the iPhone and then go to the section "Free Space iPhone"To find out how a large slice of memory is occupied by a category"OtherWhich means everything and nothing.

This item "Other" contains 99% completely useless files that if removed would allow you to free several GB in memory. And, as you probably know, having a cleaner memory not only allows you to save more useful data but also allows you to have a more responsive and faster iPhone.

How to Clean iPhone Memory

Now that we know the importance of always having one clean memory let's see how to actually do this cleaning. We can immediately say that doing this operation manually is feasible but in addition to not being simple it is also risky because if you do something wrong you could go to delete important data.

We therefore recommend using professional programs, specially designed for this function. Here are the two "iPhone cleaner" programs that we recommend using.

#1. dr.Phone Erase

Step 1. Download and install dr.Fone on your PC or Mac

Here are the links from which you can download the program:

Step 2. Access the CLEAR -> CLEAR SPACE function

After installing the program you will see this main interface:

Click on the function CLEAR and connect your iPhone, via USB to the computer. You will see this screen:

From the left click on the function "FREE SPACE"And you will see this new interface:

Step 3. Remove junk files to free up space on iPhone

Choose the type of cleaning to be carried out and follow the instructions in the program to proceed until the operation is complete!

#2. iMyFone Cleaner

Another program that can be useful for cleaning iPhone memory is  iMyFone iOS Cleaner


Download the program for Windows or Mac from the links above and install it.

Launch the software and then connect the iPhone / iPad to the computer:

Click on the button "SCAN”And wait for the program to find all the useless files (junk files) that dirty the device memory. Even in this case, as seen with SafeEraser, just click on “CLEAN” to start cleaning and recover several GB of memory space.

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